Have you ever tried to concentrate when someone is shouting?  Take away the noise and your brain can function more efficiently… it’s like an IQ boost.


AM Designs wearable product line draws damaging environmental noise away from the body, allowing your now noise-free nervous system to operate more efficiently as it regulates many other systems throughout your body.  A boost in your health is the result. 


It is surprising how the electronic devices we use on a daily basis affect our health.  Most people are affected by EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) and high frequency noise in one way or another.  EMF effects could be something as simple as mood swings, allergies, or muscle/nerve pain.  It can also be the root for high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, hearing loss, vision deterioration, and more.  It is most often assumed that these symptoms are a sign of diet or aging only - but that is simply not the case.  Inflammation is a medically recognized cause behind each of these ailments as well as many others.  Reducing inflammation is of the utmost importance to achieving a healthier lifestyle. 


We received remarkable feedback on the RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts within the first three (3) months of trials.  Of the 30+ test subjects that have tried the new Insert, a majority have experienced a significant improvement in vision, hearing, smell and taste.  Others have reported:


-reduction or elimination of nerve and joint pain

-hemorrhoid relief

-reduced menstrual cramping

-reduced menopause symptoms (reduction of "hot flashes")

-reduction or elimination of allergy symptoms

-less muscle fatigue during workouts and jogging

-reduction in asthmatic and COPD symptoms

-lower blood pressure

-improved metabolism

-more restful/rejuvinating sleep

-overall relaxation

-peaceful calming for ADD/ADHD

-reduced stimming behavior (rocking, running, etc.) for autistic patients


How is this possible?


We have taken our principals of “total home grounding” and applied it directly to the body.  When we install ground filtering in your home, the resulting decrease in noise causes a positive interaction with your nervous system.  Your brain will perceive this as a brighter and more vivid TV picture, an increase in bass performance in music, or a lighter air density in the home - making it easier to breathe.  Every time we lower a harmonic on the electrical path it is translated to an airborne frequency through electromagnetic radiation and interacts with the body.  This electromagnetic radiation causes inflammation in the body.  The specific harmonic frequency of this radiation dictates which nerve area the inflammation targets (optic nerve, nerve perplexes, kidney one).



AM Designs RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts drain the noise away from the body and into our exclusive EMF friction absorber.  In a matter of minutes, you will experience a tingling sensation in your body as the Insert drains off high frequency noise from the nervous system.  Next, the functioning of the circulatory system will improve to rapidly reduce inflammation throughout the body.  Improved vision and hearing will be experienced within the first 72 hours – it all depends on the length of time you wear the Inserts per day.  We suggest installing the Inserts in your work shoes, or whichever footwear you use most, so you get a good 6-8 hours a day of self-grounding.  If you follow that advice, the improvements the first 48 hours are truly life changing.


Who should use this product?


-If you suffer from any of the medical conditions listed above;

-If you work in an office building - such as an IT professional, teacher, customer service, etc. or;

-If your life revolves around your phone


Our exclusive RF Absorbing Shoe Insert is a multi-layered absorber/EMF blocker that is designed to block EMF from floor/ceiling electrical raceways in office buildings, absorb classroom Wi-Fi, cell phone and cell tower signals, etc.  Unlike traditional carbon fiber based shoe inserts, which have a limited frequency band above 1GHz (standard frequency range for a microwave absorber), AM Designs RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts start to absorb frequency at 1Hz and continues through the entire RF spectrum up to 35GHz with a minimum of 100db in frequency saturation.


RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts are placed under the existing shoe insole or orthotic insert. 


The RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts are currently available in Women’s sizes 6-10 and Men’s sizes 9-13 (extra $3.00 per size above Men’s 11).  Boys sizes 4, 5 and 6 are equivalent to Women's size 6,7 and 8 respectively.  


If you do not see your size available, please Contact Us!


Recommended for use in conjunction with AQUA Pocket Ground and EARTH Pocket Ground.


Build time approx 1-2 days

RF Absorbing Shoe Insert




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