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Welcome to the new AM Designs EMF blog.  It’s been years since I blogged last so I may be a little rusty.  The idea for our blog came about from speaking with countless people at this year’s AO Conference in Chicago all telling the same story – “I understand the importance of removing EMF’s from my home” and “My electrician is an idiot and doesn’t do as I ask.”  I have gone on record many of times and called electricians idiots because they cut corners to maximize profit at the homeowner’s ignorance on the subject – in those situations I like to highlight gross negligence on their behalf, but in their defense I can’t outright call the electrician an idiot if the homeowner’s interpretation of electrical vocabulary is incorrect.  I know what you are all thinking because over the years the EMF’s of the internet have become a social society.  The forum sites have created their own Electromagnetic Bible of their interpretation of reality and it’s fanatical to put it kindly.  Some of the things I have read on the forum sites are outright insane – it’s based on nonsense and zero interpretation of the Laws of Physics.  As you can image I’m a science guy – I have a background in Physics and Quantum Mechanics. I have been designing magnetic induction filters for several different companies for a good 20 years now, so I don’t come at this subject blindly but I also don’t respond to tinfoil hat nonsense.  Every once in a while I will be asked about crystals – I like crystals, they look very nice in a ring setting, but as far as a means to lower RF if worn around your neck… I think you need to educate yourself a little more on how to design a sympathetic resonator, because without applying an electrical field to force the crystal to vibrate the only (and I can’t stress this enough) the only EMF protection / frequency shifting the necklace is providing is all in your head – suggestive reasoning can be a powerful tool on the weak mind.  A friend of mine, who I’ve known for 40 years, is a world famous magician and he earns a respectable living practicing the powers of suggestive reasoning for 90 minutes 5 nights a week in Vegas.  I highly recommend when he’s performing in town to check him out – he’s an impressive entertainer.


To avoid argument for the sake of argument in the coming weeks, I will go into more detail about sympathetic resonators because there are other ways to develop a sympathetic resonator that actually reduce airborne EM fields in the home.  If you do decide to purchase a necklace or bracelet, purchase it for what it is - which is a piece a jewelry - and do not get drawn into gross interpretations of how SiO2 is electrically excited to reduce noise.


Buzz words like “EMF’s” usually have me running for the door because it means 9 times out of 10 the person I’m speaking to understands zero about electrical fields and it’s going to be a long and annoying day for yours truly.  The misused industry description of “EMF” is not an entity to be feared.  EMF is not a spook or specter that requires a visit from The Ghost Busters (even though the same EMR heat signature EMF meters are sold for ghost hunting for this purpose).  9 times out of 10 if your home is leaking high electrical fields from the in-wall wiring, you are to blame.  Electromagnetic fields physical amplitude is ramped up by what you plug into the wall.  The other day I wrote a paper for our Facebook closed R&D group ( about how Uncle Sam has neglected to modernize our National Energy Grid and it’s done deliberately to ramp up incoming tax revenue for Washington.  It’s not uncommon to install a volt meter on a household circuit and measure 125v to 130v instead of 120v which is what our appliance’s power supplies are designed to operate at.  Everything measured over 120v will be shunt to air in the form of heat (EMR) because air offers the least path of dielectric resistance.  Sometimes the heat discharge (EMR) couples to a nearby “like” magnetic pole – when that happens, V/m in the room go up.  Other times the EMR signature of the appliance will be shunt to the circuit ground (neutral) causing out-of-phase harmonic distortion to be easily measured on the circuit.  The harmonic distortion causes resistance on the circuit which migrates to everything plugged into the home (not just the circuit in question). 


What I would like to do with this blog is to wade through the internet nonsense and explain how science actually works.  By doing so, I expect to be holistically controversial because I look at the situation from an electrical noise perspective instead of gross interpretations of fearmongering to generate online sales.    



Internet forums are full of articles and the latest WHO scientific study on the health risks of RF and EMF to interpret, but what do you do with the information after its interpreted?  Its unlikely people will leave their jobs tomorrow and move out to an English forest and pitch a tent for the rest of their lives.  Another one I love, “Alan, I have a friend…” – good, let your friend’s advice solve the problem.  We are going to teach you how to be proactive instead of reactive addressing electrical fields inside the home, auto, office, and school.  Stay tuned…

June 5, 2016

To really understand electromagnetic fields one must understand proper grounding for the home.  Did you know all utilities, except the natural gas line (natural gas should have a dedicated grounding rod), must be bonded to your electrical panel?  Did you also know phone, cable, and satellite companies don’t follow proper NEMA electrical code for bonding? 

Case in point; take a look at the picture my father-in-law was gracious enough to upload to Facebook the other day.  Now, I have given this example at least a thousand times over the years but it’s the ones closest to you that don’t listen (that’s only because they all think I’m a little nuts… LOL!).  During a storm last week lightning struck the tree in the front yard, the roots exploded, and the lightning surge (which is nothing but physical high EMI frequency) traveled via the water table up to 1000 square feet from the strike point – everything within the 1000 square feet is up for grabs – all metal objects that are not properly grounded to the electrical panel with be magnetized – so if you are in the vicinity at the time and not properly insulated your body will become a natural electrical conduit to ground – meaning you will be having a bad day afterwards assuming you live through it.  In my father-in-law situation, the galvanized steel conduit that is enclosing the electrical panel’s earth ground cable became magnetized.  Here’s a simple electrical tip – electricity travels along the surface area of a wire and not through the center of the wire – so in this instance, the surge traveled along the outside of the galvanized steel conduit pipe and never made it to the ground cable inside the pipe.  Now guess which idiots grounded their utility service to the galvanized pipe – if you said the local cable company you would be right.  COMCAST ran a simple solid 14ga copper ground wire from the galvanized pipe to the cable ground clamp that is installed on the outside of the home.  The surge traveled from the ground wiretap of the galvanized pipe to the coax clamp and up through the coax cable shield where it went on to blow everything up within its connected path – if COMCAST properly grounded to the electrical panel the surge would have looped back to earth via the safety ground – we have safety standards for a reason but COMCAST  has a powerful lobbyist group in Washington to allow standards to be lax to increase their 2 hour service call window – actually it’s not COMCAST fault because an electrician is required to bond the coax to the electrical panel – the homeowner is caught in a ridiculous catch 22 to pass the buck to your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

The above is a prime example of how noise enters a home.  Sometimes the noise is a physical energy surge and other times it’s via high frequency coupling.  The cable TV ground is notorious for picking up low and mid-level EMI frequencies like an antenna and allowing them to modulate with the coax signal.  Most people will witness the modulated frequencies as a lousy TV picture but in reality two things are actually happening – in some situations it will generate an electrical hum because the frequencies that are now coupled to the signal voltage are leaking to cable box’s chassis ground.  At the same time, the additional RF frequencies are forcing the internal processor chips inside the cable box to operate out of specification because of increased ground noise which creates digital jitter throughout the internal processing stages.  Jitter in a digital signal is due to random noise affecting the signal but in a floating ground circuit, like the one inside a cable receiver (DVR), jitter causes ground oscillations which turn the cable box into a mega-watt radio station for all things noise to be broadcast around the home.

This noise is not only airborne but also injected into the internal circuit signal path which travels around your family room via the HDMI video cable to the TV and home theater receiver and everything else connected – now you have an RF mess on your hands.  At times some folks like to dismiss our methods because I also design noise filters for the A/V market, but that is only one of several markets that I design EMI solutions. If you think about it, the technological age of smaller and smaller computers, cellphones, ROKU streamers, wireless clothing, and now I heard Google wants to install a CPU into the brain – that was a news story about 4-5 weeks ago – an A/V expert is exactly what you need.  I don’t usually design product for the consumer market – but we do design product for the professional industry (SONY, SIR, Avatar) just to name a few that use our products.  You can always hear our signature when an album is recorded and mixed on one of my electrical installs – everyone from Diana Krall to Paul McCartney to Foxy Brown has been recorded on a filter system I custom designed for the facility.  I bring the recording studio up because when designing for a recording studio it’s super important for us to design a grounding system with less than 5 ohms resistance on the ground if you want all the grounded balanced XLR cables to actually do their job and drain off signal noise – cable shields don’t block, they actually drain noise away using a low frequency ohm impedance.  Our units are usually able to provide ohm resistance down to .1 but lately we have been dabbling with .001 ohms resistance with a single phase 60Hz 120v electrical panel – compared to the typical home which measures anywhere from 150 ohms of ground resistance for new construction up to 350 ohms resistance – 350 ohms of ground resistance does squat to remove circuit noise let alone 60% of the random surge spikes that occur 100’s of times daily. 


Right now we are just scratching the surface by sketching the rough picture.  In the upcoming weeks we will get more into details of how to solve or avoid problems all together, but in the meantime prepare yourself because in all honesty you have to unlearn what you have learned if you seek true solutions – if not, I can sell you a salt lamp and promise the world!  LOL! – but it would be a little disingenuous of me to do so.  Salt lamps do squat to solve electrical field problems in the home – as time goes on I will explain how negative ion cancellation actually works and how much ppm (parts per million) is required to sustain levels for noise cancellation.  All of this we will cover in the upcoming weeks... stay tuned.

June 21, 2016


What happened to clean energy?


Excellent question, because we actually HAD clean energy not all that long ago.  The problem that we have is a governing body and global body that - for some strange reason - take perfectly good working ideas and break them.  I don’t know of any other way to put it.  Linear power supplies were a good thing – stable and energy efficient – but somewhere in the mix Uncle Sam decided to push energy efficient legislation pressured by deep pockets.  The end result is what is now known as Mr. Switch Mode Power Supply.  Switch Mode, to his friends and neighbors, is known to promote Differential Mode filtering on any circuit it is plugged into.  One small problem with that - Differential Mode cancels out inductive loads via a method called phase cancellation.  Phase cancellation happens when two opposing electrical fields are in close proximity to one another – in this case, we’re talking about hot and neutral wiring in the wall.  When inductive loads are reduced, circuit frequency becomes altered.  In a perfect world our electrical should be the perfect achievement of low-pass filtering – which basically means all harmonic noise above 100,000 Hz are rolled off and eventually non-existent.  When Differential Mode is applied to a circuit, low-pass filtering (better known as common mode) is cancelled out and the way the circuit handles noise is changed.  High frequency noise is now present and promoted on the circuit and low frequency magnetic fields required to stabilize the circuit are rolled off (amplitude reduced).  When that happens noise travels freely and is allowed to manipulate any power supply plugged into an outlet in the form of an odd harmonic.  Odd harmonics inside a power supply take our energy efficient switch mode and make it a very energy INEFFICIENT power supply.  Now the switch mode is absorbing 3-4 times the amount of circuit voltage in order to convert to the correct wattage the appliance requires.


It’s really not that difficult to understand - in order for Differential Mode to work properly on the electrical circuit, additional common mode filtering (known as magnetic induction filters) must be applied to supplement the Differential Mode phase cancelation.  The amount of magnetic induction applied to the circuit will be determined by the number of Switch Mode power supplies (Differential Mode is a magnetic interaction of phase cancellation within the circuit wiring in the wall) installed in the home.  Another factor to determine adding additional common mode filtering is voltage stability.  If you measure the circuit voltage without a load present and with a load present, you might see a drop in available voltage due to increased circuit resistance – a voltage drop will have to be taken into account and supplemented with additional magnetic induction filters.  Induction filters come in many different types, shapes, and sizes.  What you are really looking for is something that acts as a power reservoir on the circuit by reducing ringing harmonics and increasing circuit conductivity.  In my home I use a combination of localized induction filters and 9 very large 1800 watt A/C chokes, all installed in parallel on circuits to supplement for voltage dips when central air units cycles on and off, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc.  Once you are able to establish a supplemental load, one of the first things you’ll notice is everything in the home runs quieter and 50%-75% more efficient.  The second thing you’ll notice and be pleasantly surprised is, your monthly electrical bill will go down - sometimes 25%-40%  in month one.  In the coming weeks we will begin to single out specific problem areas inside the home and suggest our methodology for a solution.   Stay tuned…

July 21, 2016


The title for this week’s blog should read, “Horseshit Posts from Hell”.  50 gazillion suggestions over the past 3 weeks have come in about what I should write about next.  One suggestion was to discuss the differences between Wi-Fi and wired networks; over the past couple of weeks I was watching a conversation unfold on about how to set up a network to maintain low EMF in the home – I eventually had to step in because the person that initially asked the question, two weeks later was purchasing the wrong items and totally confused and the confusion was continuing to snowball.  When it comes to the topic of EMF (electromagnetic fields), the fanatics take the argument to the extreme, not understanding that some people actual take them seriously – that’s a scary thought for me personally, but it’s those situations in particular where I feel the need to step in and referee – don’t try to argue with me because I don’t want to listen to it – Physics is Physics and horseshit is horseshit. 


NOTE to one’s self:  EMF is not something to be afraid of.   Our electricity moves within a magnetic field that vibrates 60 times per second so it can travel along a copper wire (hence, 60Hz).  Electricity coming into your home is fairly clean theoretically; it’s not until the homeowner is introduced into the equation that electricity becomes “dirty” due to a stability problems in voltage.  There are no magical fairies… I repeat… NO magical fairies causing electrical problems in your home – I promise it’s you – it’s due to misuse and misunderstanding of what you are plugging into the wall and/or how a circuit is improperly wired. 


In this particular situation, the individual purchased a powered network after a week or so of discussions - which uses the electrical wiring in the home as a PoE to extend the network cabling.  It’s not what I would have personally chosen if I was concerned about amplifying EMF in a network situation, but to each their own – who am I question what you do in your home?  In all honesty, by the time you add the harmonics from the electrical into the equation there really is little to no difference between a PoE set up and Wi-Fi – it’s just a different delivery path for the same type of noise. 


Setting up a quiet network in the house is not all that complex  - if you have the right tools for the trade.


Basic set up: Router -> Cat7 Ethernet cabling (because it’s shielded) -> computer

Complex set up: Router -> Cat 7 Ethernet cabling -> Network switch -> Cat7 Ethernet cabling -> computers


That basically says it all… it’s not open for debate.  If you want a fairly noise-free network, Cat7 cabling is the cheapest shielded alternative available in the computer market.  Obviously, some type of electrical noise filtering should be applied to the circuit in order to keep harmonics from effecting the router and switch performance, but that is an optional purchase.  Now, you thought because I was a filter guy that I’d push something specific - but that’s neither here nor there and your call.  I don’t really care if you purchase something from us or not because it’s not my home – I don’t have to live in that environment… something about leading a horse to water.   


The same thing applies when we are working with a family and the child instantaneously responds to one of our products.  The parents are pleased as punch with the results, then the next thing you know the parent has a rolodex of excuses why not to expand the filtering, all the while asking if I sell cell phone cases to dismiss the miracle that just happened… of course, for less than the price of a family of three going out to the movies one evening… to help improve their child’s way of life.  Their priority is all about cell phone cases – fanatical horseshit gone wild - it’s a sad thing to watch unfold in front of you and as the vendor you must remain detached.  You just have to remind yourself that it’s not your child – and I don’t mean to sound cruel about it but… what would you like me to do at the end of the day?  We run a business.


I don’t normally drink at home, but when I do so at the trade shows it’s a 2 drink minimum in order to rationalize what I experienced during the day.  At some of the trade shows the sugar vendors pop up selling miracle cures in a teaspoon of sugar - I have heard them say they can cure every single debilitating illness and disease on the planet with just 3 additional teaspoons of raw sugar a day!  All of these guys are like selling machines, and of course can out-sell us by leaps and bounds.  For the life of me, I can’t fathom the stupidity level of some these women (it’s always young women under the age of 35 they prey on) that flock to the stands to purchased overpriced sugar!  They look at me like I have a third eye growing out of my forehead, but have no problems forking over $20 for a ½ pound of raw sugar… it’s just amazing to watch the look on their face during the pitch – priceless!  I thank my lucky stars every day that the people that follow what we are doing are all intelligent folks – maybe there might be a misunderstanding on the topic of the day, but they are willing to learn and you can have an intelligent and rational conversation instead of arguing about “what the meaning of the word “is” is – it’s sad that is where we are as a population today.  But if you buy into it, what can I tell you? - there is always another line of horseshit to sell via the daily talking points – cover up what you are really doing using paid surrogates and smoke and mirrors. 


“EMF’s are bad.”  Really, why is that?  The horseshit of information on the internet keeps people from asking the question “why?”   Why are they bad?  I follow a very simple rule and that is to never ask a question to an answer that I don’t already have because I researched it.  Questions are not design to receive an educated answer – questions are designed to test the knowledge level of the person you are speaking to and nothing more.  What if the person you posed the question to was an idiot and you took them at face value?  Now all of the rest of us are left with two idiots in the same room.  But don’t take my word for it - do your own homework using credible sources - and if you want to test my knowledge level go right ahead.  If I don’t know the answer, I will do the research and have one for you within 24 hours – I’m open to learning and trying something new every day.  I welcome the challenge. 


Next week we are going to invite everyone over to our closed Facebook site ( because I will be uploading a new video (start sending your “friend” requests now so we can get you all set up).  We have been testing a new meter for our friends over at, - which in my opinion is not overly pricey for the information it provides - and will give you a very good idea as to what is going on with your electrical.  I will be breaking it down and explaining not only how to use the meter, but also what each number actually represents and what you should strive for in your home.  So until then, keep checking back and sending topic request to our email –


Stay tuned…

April 21, 2017

It's been a while since my last blog... we've been designing!  This is a subject that has been asked about time and time again.

To EMF detox or not to EMF detox?


Honest Injun… some people should be “not to detox.”  I’m not saying that detoxing is a bad thing - au contraire, it’s what we do - but for some people it’s a physiological experience.  We always have to ask the basic questions like, “Have you ever electrically detoxed in the past?”  and they always respond, “Oh yes!”… watch out for them, those are the ones we have to be concerned about!  15 minutes of tingling after an Insert introduction and they are sending us email after email – “Something is wrong!”… “I feel something!”…, “How do I make it stop?!?”  For these people, the word “detox” is a social media interaction – a social club, if you will - basically the “sheeple” mentality of wanting to belong to something, not understanding it, and being fearful of the actual process once experienced.


In that type of situation we have to create a strategic plan to slowly introduce the individual to the detoxing experience beyond the point of fear – because fear is a powerful motivator.  It’s difficult for me to comprehend the “sheeple” mentality – I am very much my own individual – to me everything has a solution.  I’m programmed to be an “outside of the box” thinker - to walk into a situation and find a workable solution – I’m very analytical in that sense, but at the same time I’m not programmed to be sympathetic.  That’s Jen’s job!  To me its business – you either want me to fix it or you don’t.


Jen was working with one of Peter’s (Clear Light Ventures) referrals last September – the client contacted us earlier in the year after one of Peter’s speeches, and was now desperate for a solution.  Jen worked with her, recommended a couple of Antenna’s, a Wrap, Inserts, and a few other items - spent 2-3 weeks on the phone and pictures via email to walk the client through the installation.  A month later the client calls very happy with the purchase; however, the client’s “EMF electrician” happened to be there and was reluctantly forced into the phone conversation.  The electrician told Jen that our products were the only thing he has seen installed in the last 4-5 years of working with the client that has helped.  WOW… and it only took the EMF electrician (which is considered a specialist in California) 5 years to NOT solve the problem (absolutely amazing!).  In his wonder and amazement (note sarcasm) you would think he (the EMF electrician) would want to be a dealer for our product line, recommend us to other clients, try to understand why our designs worked over everything else he installed over the years…  but sadly, NO.  The EMF electrician is in the “repeat business” business.  He’s in the business of fear-mongering for dependency – I hate those MTHRFUCKERS!  I don’t believe in fear-mongering a client – I just play it straight, and if they don’t get it because I won’t hold their hand, that’s too bad… it was a client that was just not meant to be (that pretty much sums up my personality – I’m very carefree that way – I just don’t give a shit).  


In some situations the most humane thing I can do is show the perspective client the door.  Detoxing is not for everyone – the body stores low-level electrical fields because the body is made up of low-level electrical impulses.  The body was never designed to store additional electromagnetic energy – because the body is considered a natural grounding conduit for its immediate needs.  It doesn’t know what to do with the excess electrical fields that come from touching a cell phone, placing a laptop on you lap, holding a wireless game controller, wearable mini-computer watches and health fitness bands, magnetic jewelry, placing piezoelectric stones on your person, wireless electrical traffic, etc., etc., etc..  Our narcissistic tendencies of the “selfie” generational bubble have created a demand for technology our body is unable to physically process – so instead the body does the next logical thing, which is to self-ground.  All of this excess electromagnetic energy is grounded to muscle, tissue, organs and the nervous system.  If you are an athletic individual, your lifestyle can easily processes the excess stored EMF via muscle contraction – BUT – if you are a nine to five, couch potato, slightly overweight – basically a non-active individual – you are more prone to the effects of excess EMF stored by the body which is manifested by increased illnesses (such as joint pain, headaches, allergies, nerve pain, excessive weight gain, high blood pressure, vision and hearing deterioration, etc).  In this situation, the body has stored EMF past the point of excess which is now creating widespread inflammation throughout the body. 


The solution is to drain off as much of the daily stored EMF from the muscle, tissue, organs and nervous system as possible – some suggestions have been to walk barefoot out in the yard and/or on a beach.  Sounds good because it’s FREE advice, and everyone loves FREE!  However, this does little to nothing to drain off the excess stored high frequency heat causing the increased inflammation.  The only way to address it is to use a high frequency absorber at the frequency you are trying to drain off / avoid.  The other thing that has to be considered is the saturation level (noise floor) / frequency reduction – the db range of the product will dictate the speed for draining the excess stored EMF / RF out of the body.  Every time I design a product for this purpose we use a model of 100db of frequency suppression or greater to increase the rate of speed for removal. 


“Does that mean my body will become an antenna for outside RF/EMF?”


No, I think you misunderstand - your body is ALREADY acting as an antenna pulling in RF and EMF and storing it in your muscle, tissue, organs and nervous system.  Now it’s time to not only drain it off, but to create an internal watershed at the speed of light – what we are doing is rapidly pulling out what your body is trying to naturally ground.  By increasing the rate of speed for the drain off, the body will no longer be storing the excess and therefore be affected by the naturally absorbed energy.  In the case of our RF Absorbing Shoe Insert, the Insert draws RF/EMF out of the body at the speed of light – but that is not the only thing going on!  The Insert also adds a negative electrical ionic charge to the body via the iron level in the blood.  That helps to break up clumped platelets, which in turn helps to increase oxygen enrichment (basic science of attaching a negatively charged ion to a positively charged ion = pure oxygen), which helps to speed up the circulatory system, which is how we reduce inflammation.  And since inflammation is the #1 culprit for nerve and joint pain, allergies, sleep disorders, deteriorated vision and hearing, etc., etc., etc., our designs have demonstrated a viable solution for many different types of illnesses. 


“Will you feel a tingling sensation for an hour or two after first installing the Insert in your shoe?”


Yes –you will experience a two-part detoxification.  The body is letting you know by a tingling / pins-and-needles sensation as well as by a muscular contraction that stored RF/EMF is being removed.   The stored RF/EMF is being drained off the nerve endings - hence the tingling sensation - and drawn into the foot bed of your shoe (RF Absorbing Shoe Insert).  Once the excess energy is drained off the muscle contractions and tingling will stop. 


NOTE: The Insert converts the drained excess energy to heat so it is normal to feel a mild heat sensation during the initial detox period and during exposure to high wireless environments.  The heat sensation is very mild and no cause for alarm – all that means is you are presently absorbing a high level of wireless EMF and the Insert is working overtime to drain off and convert to heat as quickly as possible so your body is not storing the hostile energy levels. 


“Does that mean you are now detoxed?”




“Can I remove the Inserts and place them in my Significant Other’s shoe?”


No – Leave the Inserts in your shoes as a preventative measure and buy a second pair for your Significant Other.  We want to avoid a false sense of security now that you are detoxed.  The Insert is able to drain off all other forms of RF/EMF that your body encounters on a daily basis at the speed of light without resistance. 


NOTE:  Prior to detox, the stored RF/EMF in the tissue is seen as added body voltage resistance.


I was at a show last year at The Forum (Inglewood, CA) and I noticed for the first time that my Inserts were hyperactively working to drain off the RF in the arena that my body was absorbing – I felt fine, but inside my shoes it felt like a light earthquake tremor.  Concert arenas, malls, movie theaters, hotels and restaurants are considered wireless hostile environments.  Does that mean to never leave your home?  No, but if you are bothered by the increased electromagnetic field, something like our RF Absorbing Shoe Insert helps to bring peace of mind, unlike the magical “EMF Absorbing” jewelry.  There is no – I repeat, NO! - piezoelectric stone that is going to ward off electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies.  We can argue all day long, and I don’t care what some “so called” scientist/doctor/snake-oil/used car salesman says…  Piezoelectric stones are unable to magnetically couple to the body’s electrical and vibrational signature without physical electricity applied across a circuit in close proximity.  How do I know?  Something called “The Laws of Physics.”        


“Did I burst your bubble?”


I certainly hope so… because learning can be fun.

May 13, 2017

I receive a lot of questions on a weekly basis and it's difficult to respond personally to each and every one - here are a couple that I have been asked recently that are great for a wide audience:


The Question: “Have a question for you, the negative ions that are produced by your q-wave, triwave, quadwave - how different (frequency range) are they in comparison with those negative ion powders that are readily available on the market, or that tourmaline powder that supposedly release negative ions too?“


The Answer: Tourmaline generates negative ions when external pressure is applied to it. It is possible that this is due to the piezoelectric effect, but no formula/theory has been established yet. Tourmaline by itself does not reduce EMF – that is a myth – tourmaline requires direct electrical stimulation and pressure to produce a reflecting piezoelectric frequency above 1GHz.


Anything above 1000Hz produces large negative ions. 1KHz is known as a static electrical field or - better known as - static electricity. This static energy field is what produces arcing, spikes and harmonic peaks. The electrical discharge field is low voltage – the ions are generated within the burst of discharged energy (the flash of light seen during an arc) – flash of light during a lightning bolt.


Our units use the electrical positive ionized field in the air to charge the internal filter sections. Positive ions are drawn to our unit using a “like” magnetic pole. As the positive ions enter the filter box it passes through a dual walled, highly conductive Graphene filter which attaches the negative electrical charge to the positive ion. From there the positive ion is converted to oxygen due to the negative ionic attachment - the o2 enters the resonator chambers as force (rush of air) where it is converted to a physical vibration frequency. Each resonator, based on size and density, will produce an infinite amount of in-phase and out-of-phase cancellation frequency – the physical size of each resonator will dictate the amplitude of each frequency. Based off of the amplitude of each resonator, we can predict the effectiveness of each design depending on the size of the room (square foot / square meter) based on room volume.


Now we are getting into the differences between Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Polar Covalent Bonds, and Hydrogen Bonds. This subject is a little more complex, so we will leave that for another day.


Our frequencies are designed to stimulate 50/60Hz multiples as a means to produce clean power to all things electrical in the room:


Q-Wave frequency: 250Hz
TriWave frequency: 100Hz
QUADwave: 1Hz


The QUADwave is our version of a Schumann Resonator without the physical electrical stimulation (power supply). 7.83Hz by Schumann was a guess at the earth’s magnetic core frequency. Science has later proven the frequency is well below 3Hz. Schumann at the time could only base his findings on the lowest frequency a coiled circuit could produce. Magnetic fields as a physical frequency can produce energy starting at .0001Hz, but a piece of copper wire coiled to create a magnetic field is limited by the thickness and length of the wire, capacitor and resistor value, and the circuit load. The only way to electrically produce a stable frequency below 10Hz is to use a signal generator that is based on multiple digital quartz piezoelectric clocks.  That has always been the problem with Schumann Resonators - proving actual scientific evidence instead of marketing hype.


In each of our designs we use ground impedance (.001 ohms of resistance) vs. ground metallurgy (triple ground plane) at 3 different frequency ranges to produce the output frequency. The magnetic interaction between the 3 different ground plane gapping’s produce the output frequency. Size matters – larger ground planes will produce lower vibrational frequencies.


As the frequency passes out of the filter box, it once again passes through our highly conductive charged Graphene filter which attaches a negative charge to the oxygen – this process is exactly what a waterfall does to produce negative ions. The second attachment of a negative charge is what allows our filters to regulate atmospheric air density and humidity levels in the room … and now we are getting into the topic of Hydrogen Bonding (topic for another day).



Next question:  “If I want to measure negative ion count from one of your passive units how do I go about it?”


Measuring negative ions in a circuit that is charged by electricity is fairly easy. Static generators produce a constant low voltage electrical charge. Static generators are the norm in 99% of the air cleaners throughout the world.


Our designs are a little different and a little more difficult to measure in a controlled space. The Quantum Breeze, TriWave, QUADwave, Pocket Ground, Hurricane, and even our RF Inserts all rely on airborne electricity in the form of wireless communication and EMF to power the unit’s negative ion count.  All of our designs are completely passive – no electricity is applied to make them work.


Electrical stimulation is required to produce all forms of negative ions – even waterfalls use friction to produce electrical heat in order to create negative ions.  This is similar to the way our designs work.


Higher absorbed levels of EM will produce higher levels of negative ion output – lower levels of absorbed EM will produce a lower count of negative ions. The measurement count will be based on the environment - a one-for-one ratio.


Wireless electricity in the form of EMF, RF, Cell, Wi-Fi, and EMR is absorbed into our passive unit, converted to heat (ionic process), frequency reconditioned by the resonator chambers, and released as a vibrational low frequency (2nd order harmonic).


Have you ever received a Quantum Breeze in the mail, opened the box, picked the unit up and noticed it was vibrating to the touch?  Quantum physics at work in the palm of your hand!


Not all negative ions are created equal - there is such a thing as small and large ions. Smaller ions produce health benefits – a good example would be an “ionic slickness on the skin” as Peter Sullivan has describes it many times over – an increased moisture feeling on your hands, arms, and legs. The sense of lighter air density in a room; an atmospheric change within the environment – the air quality becomes easier to breathe. Lower humidity levels in the room – a reduction of high humidity levels above 60% producing a cooling sensation within the room. Reduced sinus inflammation – reduced congestion, improved breathing, deeper sleep and less snoring. Increased blood oxygen levels – improved circulatory system; a feeling of increased energy levels, reduction in the frequency of headaches, less body inflammation and pain, a feeling of calm, and so on.


Both small and large ions carry the same electrical charge, but larger ions tend to be used more in air cleaner electrical circuits because large ions require physical electricity in order to be produced. Our designs are what I like to describe as ionic neutral – the ion generation will be based on the type of electrical field absorbed; therefore, our units produce both small and large ions. Large ions are associated with absorbed 50/60Hz electrical fields – our EMI Wraps, Outlet Pads, and RF Antenna’s produce large ions because of the associated field. Our passive units also produce large ions if placed near a strong 50/60Hz electrical field (such as a large screen TV). Whenever I do an install, I always tell the homeowner to dust the home 2-3 times a couple days after to keep up with the amount of dust that is going to fall out of the air in the near term – maybe swap out the HVAC filter to help address the dust. You have all heard me use the term deionization filter from time to time – deionization neutralizes the positive electrical ionic field – dust is electrically charged by positive ions coming off the electrical wiring in your walls, TV, stereo, microwave, etc. Once the field is neutralized and converted to O2 the dust falls rather quickly.


For those that are “meter happy” and must use testing equipment in order to get a “down and dirty measurement”, my honest suggestion is to not waste your time. Experiencing an ionic change after an EMI Wrap install, for example, should start to be physically felt with 15-20 minutes. You should notice it right off the bat with the change in the air density. The home will be electrically quieter – if you must test, use a standard EMF meter and set the measurement to volts per meter – we are reducing the physical electrical field from the air quality. Increased O2 levels in the blood, lower blood pressure, muscle testing can all be proven by a simple visit to the proper medical specialist after 2-3 weeks of living in a lower noise environment.

                                                                   Before                             After

Testing will be skewed based on altitude elevation, humidity, salinity in the air quality, temperature, relationship to the nearest cell tower (carrier frequency), frequency of Wi-Fi traffic (2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz, and 5.9 GHz bands.), type of electronics in the room, type and amount of light bulbs installed (incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED – switch on vs. off), grounded vs. non-grounded or high ground impedance circuit levels in the room, etc.


All of the above reduce negative ions. In an electrically charged circuit, the in-room effect is meaningless because the negative ion count is constant, but in a passive unit relying on the in-room electrical conditions it becomes a little more complex – the passive unit is utilizing the electric field in the room to produce negative ions – negative ions cancel out the electrical field. Eventually the negative ion/electrical circulation flywheel effect taking place in the room comes to a halt, because the field is dissipated as long as the passive unit remains in the room. Does that mean the field is cancelled out forever? No, it depends on the amount of electrical devices in the room – if you introduce something new, the passive filter begins the elimination round, so it couples to the field and begins to produce negative ions as a means to reduce the newly added electrical field.


Everyone has heard of smart meters; well, our passive units are smart filters – they only flip on when required. The conductive value of the unit is more important than the negative ion count it's producing.

May 25, 2017

Think about it… is solar and wind power really good for the environment? Honestly???

Solar power is energy from the sun – it must be good, right?

Solar energy relies on power inverters – cheaply made stepped power inverters. I have never walked into a solar powered home that measured clean – multi-million dollar homes with harmonic spikes from the inverters.

“Why is my refrigerator sounding 3 times louder and running two times hotter?”

Harmonic spikes and resistance - cleaning up the harmonic spikes from the power inverters will be extremely expensive and impossible to completely eliminate and anyone that tells you otherwise is full of it. The resistance has to be combated with oodles of inductors to promote PFC… it’s expensive and a long process to get it right - welcome to the black art of magnetic harmonic tuning.  There are 8-9 guys in the world that know how to implement it properly.  One of my friends is now retired and I’m the only one in the US right now that can dial in the harmonic frequencies by ear.  And you really need someone that knows how to do it that way to get it right.

Is solar power completely bad?  No… if you don’t mind replacing a burned out toaster every 9-12 months, or maintenance your fridge every couple of years, then go solar!  Solar has it’s placed on the grid, but it’s not ready for prime time powering your home unless you have a lot of disposable cash lying around.

What about wind power? Its energy produced from the wind – I have actually heard it described as power from God. Is a gust of wind safe?  Yes, it is. Is an electromagnetic turbine producing EMF with each rotation safe? I will leave that up for you to decide. A little knowledge goes a long way – electromagnetic fields couple and magnify in close proximity to each other.  Each time the field couples it extends the length/distance the field can travel. If the windmill is out in the middle of nowhere then who cares?  But if the windmill is next to your home, or it’s visible from your kitchen window ½ mile down the road then you should care.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Ringing in the ears?

Sciatic nerve pain?


If you answered yes to any one of the above you should care because you are already experiencing low frequency electromagnetic poisoning symptoms, and those symptoms above are just a few examples.

Is wind and solar power really safe for the environment? I guess that depends on who is making the argument. Rushing technology to market to appease a political ideology doesn’t make it scientifically safe and sound for public use. Both are novel concepts that have consequences that still need to be addressed. For myself, I prefer to go with the Devil I already know – I already know how to deal with him and his problems are not as expensive to solve.

3 July, 2017

Did you know there are 3 different types of EHS classification? Low, mid, and high frequency. Do you know which frequency band your diagnoses falls under?


I guess the real question to ask is, “What’s the difference?”


Low frequency EHS sufferers are affected by EMR magnetic fields. The most common low frequency EHS is usually associated with people diagnosed with Lyme disease. The secondary category are people that surround themselves with low electromagnetic fields – generally from analog based electronics such as amplifiers, Schumann resonators, transformers, etc. Over-exposure to the low magnetic fields will polarize the metals in the blood – it is the same analogy as sliding a magnetic across a screwdriver to add a magnetic positive pole to the tip. Over-exposure adds a positive pole to the iron in the bloodstream – close proximity to electrical fields will slow the rate of speed blood flows through the body. This causes platelet clumping (magnetized blood iron) thus promoting inflammation throughout the body resulting in muscular pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, etc.


Mid frequency EHS sufferers are affected by high-speed digital frequency. Mid frequency is generally associated with MHz digital frequencies – frequencies associated with small electrical parts needed to build electronic devices. These high-speed operational frequencies are used to communicate within a circuit design – the digital 1’s and 0’s, the data structure on/off switches - all require high frequency in order to switch command. In a typical electrical design, the overshoot of the high-speed traffic would be grounded and reduced. In a handheld design, the overshoot frequency is grounded to the negative side of the internal battery – at 100% charge the negative side acts as a normal ground, but as the battery loses its charge over time it is no longer able to absorb all the frequency that is present on the ground. Once that takes place the energy will seek out the next least path of resistance, which just happens to be the iron in the bloodstream. The neat trick is, in order for the frequency to ground to the body there must be physical contact – the frequency cannot jump from the device to your body without physical contact. Allergies, vision, hearing, etc. are all affected by mid frequency.


High frequency EHS sufferers are affected by wireless GHz frequencies which requires a two part explanation. Wireless signals are a combination of frequency and electricity. The electricity is required to send the frequency. Over great distances the electricity is attracted to “like” magnetic poles in proximity of the signal communication link. The “like” magnetic poles promote EMR in the form of EMF between both “like” magnetic poles (light switch in the room and a wireless router). The excessive EMF that is created between the magnetic interactions is a positive ionic field. Positive ions slow the rate of speed the wireless signal can travel – the electronic device interprets the slower speed as a time-out of signal, buffer, etc. The second part of high frequency EHS is the physical frequency, as the frequency is rather weak on its own. Without an electromagnetic field to travel in, it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere – 2.4 GHz is only 4.25 inches in length at 1 watt of power.


Question: How much wattage is required for the 2.4 GHz signal to travel between the router to you at a distance of 10 feet?


Answer: 28.235 watts is required to move 2.4 GHz a length of 10 feet without electrical interference – the perfect scenario.


Question: Does the wattage increase when in-room EMF figures are applied?

Answer: Yes, but by how much can’t be determined without measuring the room for excessive voltage (magnetic pole interaction between two fields).

High frequency EHS sufferers generally experience Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), restless sleep, arrhythmia, etc. Applying the stronger electromagnetic fields to the wireless signal allows the high frequency to pass through the body within a magnetic field - just like an MRI. Because of “like” magnetic poles within the body (polarized iron), the majority of the high frequency signal grounds to the only thing that is capable of absorbing at the frequency’s rate of speed… in this case, it happens to be the nervous system. The problem for the nervous system is it can be easily overloaded with excessive low voltage. When that happens, it dumps the excess low voltage to muscular tissue to be used as energy.


Something you need to understand about “like” magnetic poles (in-phase magnetic fields) - if we plug two appliances into different wall sockets in the same room, the magnetic field both appliances produce would be the same.  This is because both appliances are powered by the same line frequency (50/60Hz). The body on the other hand doesn’t operate at 50/60Hz, so any voltage that enters the body (no matter the source) is considered foreign and out-of-phase from an electrical standpoint. It’s a Catch 22 - the iron magnetic pole is a “like” but everything else is out-of-phase causing electrical resistance because of excessive harmonics. YES! The nervous system also experiences low voltage harmonics! Muscular activity is measured in m/V, whereas wireless activity is measured in volts. When wireless grounds to our nervous system out-of-phase it becomes the dominate voltage because of the higher over-saturated measurement. Since it’s seen as out-of-phase, all of the body rhythms associated will also be out-of-phase – irregular muscle contractions.


Electrical signals – from the body’s standpoint - are very complicated and not as easily solved by wearing a shiny “EMF” necklace or practicing the “five energy levels” of bullshit.

8 September, 2017

Without sounding like I’m making light of the situation, Jen retired from the military after 22 years, 2 months, and 25 days - for me its 22 years but to Jen the rest of the time is rather important.  Military life is different from the average person - besides the day-to-day work ethic that I generally disagree with it wasn’t bad leading up to 9/11.  After 9/11 base life became a prison camp with long lines - bomb checks, random car searches - and that was just to get onto the base.  I have no idea what it was like stateside, but for us overseas it was a royal pain in the ass living behind barbwire 24/7.  The years right after 9/11 weren’t too bad until our government got a bug up their ass to stop paying out for prosthetics and got into the business of price-controlling meds.  Opioids were first used on the military to combat pain and PTSD claims.  When opioids were first authorized by Congress the military decided to use social workers as physiatrists to pass out the drugs.  At times they were as easy to get free-of-charge at the local TMC as going to the grocery store and buying a bag of Skittles.  I watched marriages destroyed, suicides increase, insanity, etc. - it’s a crazy thing to watch happen and know there is nothing you can do to prevent it.  The big topic of conversation in this country is about opioid addiction and how to get people off the drugs.  Opioids mutate the brain via chemical alteration – it’s like chemically burning and scaring the brain – you could stop taking opioids tomorrow and 6 months from now you still will not be the same person you once were before popping the first pill. 


About 3 years ago I discovered we had a solution for PTSD patients.  It was so simple… all we had to do was reduce the stress on the brain.  We developed 2 products that provided small miracles for thousands of AM Designs clients.  Our RF Antenna and Quantum Breeze in the bedroom reduced cranial inflammation to relieve stress on the brain.  Our Soldiers slept deeper at night without the occasional night terrors.  A deeper sleep provided a more restful daily personality.  Pain was reduced allowing our Soldiers to cut back on their pain meds.  Because of our results, our client listing includes all branches of the US Military, British Armed Forces and SAS, and Israel IDF and Mossad.  


We are always available to discuss specific situations and diagnosis to help provide an alternative solution.  That’s not to say stop taking what your doctor prescribes to you, but it’s worth a conversation with your doctor if our alternatives are providing you relief.

1 October 2017

I received a great question the other day from the health website, and I thought I would share it.  From my perspective, and this is not the case with the question asked, but people have a tendency to use and share misguided web-based scientific “fake news” (as I like to call it) information throughout their social media communities as fact.  Science in particular is established using a solid set of properties – we can argue Pseudoscience, but even Pseudoscience works within a specific set of electromagnetic properties.  People that repeat “fake” information as fact are a danger to themselves and others.



Subject:  Faraday Cage

Message: The more I read your blog, the more I absorb the info, great stuff. What and how does a Faraday cage work if at all?



In the EHS world, Faraday cages are often used to reflect outside noise sources.  It sounds like a novel idea, but it’s not a very smart idea. 



Here’s why…



We use Faraday cages every day in electronics – you have all seen them – a Faraday cage is a copper shielding box that is normally place over and around power supplies and sensitive digital circuitry.  A low frequency source, like an earth ground, is applied to the copper surface to make it conductive.


To answer the question…


It’s very simple; a Faraday cage reflects and absorbs a multitude of frequency up to the max saturation level of the metal foil thickness – thicker foils provide more absorption. 



What the hell does that mean?


Does it mean that it reflects everything?



No – the max frequency is based off the conductive resonant frequency of copper – the size of the ground wire / connection will dictate the amount of conductive force applied to the copper foil surface – the conductive force vs. metal thickness is how we establish a frequency bandwidth for the overall application.


The trick here is the conductive force of the copper foil shield has to become balanced to the magnetic force that it’s trying to shield – 50/50 – and this is where the size of the ground plays a significant role in determining the outcome.  Properly set up, a Faraday cage can block almost 100% of magnetic force.


By that description, you can see why a Faraday caged home environment might be seen as a novel idea for someone suffering from overexposure to electromagnetic fields. 


BUT… and it’s a big butt… all we described is exterior to the Faraday cage, BUT what happens internally within the Faraday cage?


Remember when I said the Faraday cage’s conductive force had to balance or equal the internal magnetic force?  Inside the Faraday cage the magnetic force is absorbed and reflected back to the source.  In electronics, this electromagnetic phenomenon would provide a choke-“like” high frequency roll-off within the analog band in order to suppress rippled harmonics in the digital band.  If you live in a cave (as it was put to me the other day by a client) with no electricity, a Faraday cage as a home is not a bad idea.  As the client said, “Who the hell wants to live in a cave?”  And that’s well put…


Magnetic fields by their nature are designed to amplify themselves – that is why we use them for power delivery.  Magnetic fields are just like sound pressure waves – which is why I like them so much – in that every time they overlap, the magnetic field doubles in amplitude – and sometimes by 100% to 200% to 1000% because there is an electrical counterpart providing a constant energy source for magnetic saturation.


If you try to research this information throughout the EHS community, you will come back and say, “Maher is full of doo-doo!”, because there is nothing out there – all you’ll find is unlimited sources about the benefits of shielding… put out there by the guys that sell shielding for a living. 


There is a simple way to tell if I’m full of myself… let’s try a simple experiment – it’s a game everyone can play! - go to the kitchen and pull a magnet off the fridge… 


NOTE: If you own animals or have small children running around your home, please put them outside during the experiment!


Walk into the family room and place the magnet on the power plug of a lamp that is plugged into the wall – directly on top of the plug – but DO NOT turn the lamp on!  Sit in the room for the next 30 minutes. 


How long did it take for your migraine to develop while sitting in the room, 15 or 20 minutes?


How long did it take before you felt nauseous while sitting in the room, 25 or 30 minutes?



Simple biologic fact… electromagnetic fields excite the iron in your blood and raise your blood pressure.



Congratulations!  You’ve just created the internal magnetic force of a Faraday cage throughout your home – is this the way you would like to feel 24/7/365?  Now, please put the magnet back in the kitchen and step outside for the next hour before you throw up – it will take at least the next 60 minutes for the magnetic field inside the home to collapses and dissipate.  This is exactly what a Schumann resonator does in your home – amplified 60Hz field to create a Faraday cage out of the in-wall electrical wiring throughout your home.  Those devices are wildly popular in the EHS community and extremely dangerous for EHS sufferers.



At this point in our conversation is where I should bring up the topic of shielding paints to establish a Faraday cage.  Lucky for us, shielding paints can never provide an equal force to balance the magnetic field – but they are also not very effective because they can’t provide an equal force… my best advice is to save your money – it’s an over-hyped and misunderstood industry.



Now let’s compare something like our TriWave filter – a TriWave sets up an equal force as it adjusts to the magnetic force in the room.  At the same time, the passive design begins to weaken the magnetic force (our flywheel tech) within the room until the field is dissipated.  As long as you leave the TriWave in the room, the field will always be manageable.  A TriWave is designed to last a lifetime – it will adjust itself to whatever electromagnetic field you introduce to the room over time.


Hopefully this explains the differences of a Faraday cage and a natural Schumann Faraday cage designs.


Stay tuned…

30 October 2017

There are numerous different types of steel / stamped metal outlet covers that are now marketed to the EMF community.  The cover, as far as shielding / blocking are concerned, is no different from a typical cast aluminum cover that you can purchase at LOWES / Home Depot for less than $10 bucks each. 


Steel in this environment, or the audio market, is not one of my favorite metals… and I’ll tell you why. 


Steel is marketed as a cheap material to reduce RF amplitude.  In electrical, RF is based on an electromagnetic field.  In order to suppress RF frequencies one must create an impedance shift at the noise source.  To accomplish this, we normally like to shift the impedance above 100 KHz in order to allow the magnetic field to establish a Faraday cage at the source.  Impedance shifts are created by manipulating the electrical circuit’s resonant 2nd order harmonic frequency.  Steel has a narrow band resonant frequency between 800Hz and 5,000Hz – way too low to set up a Faraday cage to suppress noise.  Aluminum is very good at reducing RF, much better than steel, but aluminum resonant frequency doesn’t kick in until about 1MHz – aluminum will require a low frequency in series in order to properly suppress RF at 50/60Hz.   


All of these EMF marketed covers are trying to offer a low cost alternative to our TriCell Active Cell Outlet Pad – and good luck to them…  The TriCell Pad is based on 3 different harmonic frequency bands in combination with 4 different types of absorbing dielectrics.  I bet I used a big word there for those trying to copy what we are doing… tough shit!  Go back to school and learn something.  We designed the Pad to mimic an electrical bypass circuit – a bypass circuit uses multiple harmonic frequencies to cancel out ringing harmonics – you know those things described as “dirty electricity”.  The pad acts as a line conditioner to reduce harmonic peaks – again, those things described as “dirty electricity”. 


Those that repeat the mantra and can’t design should go back to the kiddie table and leave the problem solving to the grown-ups.


Anyone seen those other inductor-based filters currently circulating in multiple models?  This product line is a rip-off of our Quantum Power Station/QPS they have constructed with inferior parts – don’t take my word for it and do your own homework.  Our QPS circuit has evolved over the years to improve the performance – the other manufacturer’s models are based off our first gen series which was originally developed back in 2005 and offered as a FREE DIY tweak to the audio community.  Since that time the QPS has been re-engineered a few times into the beast she is today.   Again from the mind of me :)


Do I get any credit?


No, because I’ve spent my career becoming the guy behind the guy.  Behind the scenes allows for more freedom.  There are several of my guys on the lecture circuit that like to push us out in front.  Most EHS folks catch wind of my name from those lecture circuits.  I receive calls all the time from people all mentioning the same thing, “I can’t find anything on the internet about you”, which is because I operate behind other folks.  I sign confidentiality agreements with most folks to remain behind the scenes.  Those pretty boy “EMF gurus” want all the women to themselves, tripping over the ground they walk on… not everyone, some people still have integrity, but a majority that are on the chat circuit.  I’ve been approached by numerous people asking if I would participate on the lecture circuit, and in all honesty that is probably a bad idea.  I don’t have a problem speaking in front of people; usually I will write down the topic of the day on an index card and then for the next 60 minutes put on a Tony Robbins style presentation.  In my mind, it’s a boring subject and you need someone to kick the audience in the ass so people put the phone camera and/or pen down to engage and pay attention.  It’s a boring subject, but there is a tremendous amount of science that has to be discussed and learned in order to produce results – can’t learn by passively sitting in class.  I put together my set up at these things like a science fair – let people hold things, stand on things, just about anything that doesn’t involve washing the sheets – ladies… what happens in Colorado stays in Colorado.  At the end of the day you want the individual to experience something – people remember the experience and not the verbiage.  Personal things people connect with but scientific nitty-gritty goes right over the heads of most.


The reason why it’s a bad idea is because my mind is a Rolodex of all things electrical circuits and I don’t require referral notes or scripts – I’ve been at this since I’ve been a kid and it’s my area of expertise.  You certainly wouldn’t hire me to drill into someone’s head, but at the same time, I wouldn’t hire one of those folks to discuss anything about electricity.  The same can be said for those that sell EMF-related products.  I’ve seen some folks give a speech and then do a Q&A afterwards, only to be stumped by a simple and legitimate off-script question.  Dudes… don’t call yourself a fucking expert if all you can do is recite product marketing literature… you make the rest of us look bad.  It’s bad enough I have to constantly argue about the necklace nonsense, but to give an in-your-face speech would definitely not allow me to hang out with the cool kids… I pull no punches. 


Any who… I have strayed off topic… yet again.  Let’s keep it simple… Don’t buy cheap and stick with the original.  How many folks had to purchase multiple Pocket Grounds because they found themselves in a daily wrestling match of hide-and-seek with their Significant Other for possession of the Pocket Ground?  I’ve seen the purchase receipts… it’s been more than a few.  Original designs in this business are hard to come by… I had someone just the other day test a TriWave with a negative ion counter.  The person was confused because the negative ion count went down surrounding the TriWave, but so did the positive ions due to the ionic cancellation.  We design deionization filters folks… our results are built into the technology.  TDT stands for TriCell Deionization Technology…  Hint: All the AQUA designs are based on TDT.  PLT stands for Power Lens Technology – just wait until you see that bad boy… we’re excited.


Stay tuned…    

8 November 2017

Are you familiar with the EMF denial game?


Do you experience skeptics at every turn?


“It’s snake oil… it can’t possibly work!” from the same people that believe a rock can solve all their problems.


I work in an industry that markets solutions to problems (them) without offering realistic solutions for the problem (them).  How do you clean up Wi-Fi… this is not a difficult problem to solve, but the money is made by over exaggerating the problem by people (them) that can’t explain the problem.


What is Wi-Fi?


2.4GHz Wi-Fi is a high frequency signal that has a sine wave length of 4.25 inches.  Electricity in the form of low voltage is applied to the sine wave so it can travel between two points in space.  The electrical field of Wi-Fi is attracted to other “like” electrical fields – any field produced by the same electrical source (house power).  The two “like fields” couple at different harmonic values and causes excessive electromagnetic radiation to form throughout the electrical circuit; which is a very simple explanation of why Wi-Fi increases in-room magnetic fields.  Some people, if they care to admit it or not, suffer from inflamed sinus passages; these people, including myself, will experience nearby wireless signal as pressure in the sinus passages.  The pressure will eventually cause inflammation and headaches. 


How do you solve this problem?


Well, if I asked some of the guru doctors on the lecture circuit, I can guarantee you I will not receive a ligament answer – not their area of expertise.  If I ask an activist, 9 times out of 10 I won’t receive a realistic answer beyond the EMF industry party line – it’s sad if you suffer from electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity.  EHS is an allergy to high frequency harmonics or low frequency magnetic fields associated with today’s model for energy efficient electricity.


How would I solve this problem?


It’s actually pretty simple.  First, you must figure out which frequencies are causing you discomfort.  Plug a Wi-Fi device in the wall and let’s figure it out.  Let’s start by removing the outlet faceplate cover and installing one of our TriCell Active Cell Outlet Pads – The TriCell Pad is excellent at blocking frequency from 1MHz on up (mid and high EMI harmonics).  After install, did that immediately reduce or eliminate the pressure you felt turning on the Wi-Fi device?  If the answer is YES, then you know you are allergic to mid and high band harmonic frequencies excited on the electrical circuit.  Continuing to install Outlet Pads throughout the home will resolve that problem.  What if the answer is NO?  Unscrew the cover and mounting screws for the outlet – pull the outlet out from the wall box to expose the rear wiring.  Bundle the wiring and place one of our EMI Cable Filters over the bundled wiring and close the clamp until it locks.  Screw the outlet back in, put the Outlet Pad back on and reinstall the cover.  Did that solve the problem?  You’ll know within the first minute after install if it did.  The EMI Cable Filter rolls off the mid and high frequency noise above 1 KHz and shifts the impedance for the circuit.  For roughly a $100 bucks and 10 minutes of your time your in-home Wi-Fi problem was solved at that location.  Now, think about all your appliances that run on a phone app – do the same thing to their outlets to filter the circuit.


Did the other guys tell you solving the problem were that simple?  I doubt it, because they have a bio-mat, 50 gazillion plug-in filters, and oodles of other concoctions to sell you - costing thousands of dollars to keep you on their hook.  Reducing harmonics is all about proper grounding throughout your home and EMI frequency reduction.  Designing a noise filter is not hard if you know what you are doing. 


DIY Project: How to create a down and dirty in-wall Wi-Fi conditioning filter.


You’ll need:

1 Flathead screwdriver
1 Phillip head screwdriver
1 Tricell Active Cell Outlet Pad
1 EMI Cable Filter


NOTE: Please follow the instructions to the letter or it won’t work properly.



Turn off the power to the wall outlet.


Use flathead screwdriver to remove outlet cover / faceplate.


Use Phillip head screwdriver to remove outlet mounting screws.


Pull outlet out from the wall box to expose the rear wiring.


Place and fit the EMI Cable Filter over the in/out/ground wiring and clamp down filter to secure. Check the clamp side locking to make sure it’s completely closed and tight fitted to the clamp body.














NOTE: You’ll need to apply a little extra effort to push the outlet back into the gang box.


Tip: At this point I like to replace the stock mounting screws with 2” brass wood screws – the wood screws provide a more secure installation. It is always good to have a box on hand for little projects like this one.


Screw the outlet to the gang box.


Place outlet pad over outlet – copper side to the outlet.















Install outlet cover and screw down tight to secure. Make sure the center screw to the cover is tightly screwed down. It is very important that the copper side of the pad is in tight contact with the center screw insert of the outlet – the center screw insert is connected directly to the earth ground wire.







Turn the power back on to the outlet/circuit.


Now sit back and enjoy the calm. You should experience the negative ion disbursement almost immediately in the surrounding area of the outlet within minutes. The negative ion disbursement will continue down the circuit all the way back to the breaker panel over the next 10-12 days for continued improvement.


The DIY project is recommended for all Wi-Fi devices and power supplies, computers, audio/video electronics and TV’s.




They don’t call me The Groundfather for nothing folks… this is what I do.

27 February 2018

Let me start off by saying… it’s going to be a crazy 2018!  Mark your calendar!!!


So much is going on that I don’t know where to begin.  I suppose I should start the conversation off by saying that we’ve made a lot of progress in the past year developing product through our R&D group – all of those people deserve a big “Thank you!” for their continued support (going on 21 years now) for what we do.  Sometimes it’s the little things that are requested which become the game changer. 


I started the R&D group about 9 years ago and it has been extremely challenging from a design perspective… mostly because members expect new product to be churned out every 6 to 8 to 10 weeks.  If you think about it, the typical EMF manufacturer markets one product – if it works or not is immaterial.  Imagine developing 2 or 3 new products every quarter… mentally, it’s exhausting.  Usually I will develop a product which may consist of 3 or 4 internal filtering stages; then what I’ll do is isolate each part as a product and market it out for a short period of time – it’s a great way to test a product globally for multiple scenarios.  Based off the feedback, we either tweak the design or continue on to releasing the next section; the exercise is to see if the feedback responses mirror our in-house test results.  Once that process is done, it becomes a great product for you good folks that purchase off the website.


With that said, 2018 is going to be insane!  Last year’s blogs were all about “Intro to Electrical Fields 101” – no bullshit, just simple explanations.  We discussed my personal theory on hyper-electromagnetic sensitivity as an “allergy” and now we are now starting to see industry medical folks catch on and discuss EHS as an allergy.  Of course, they take all the credit for the “discovery” but if you follow our blogs, you know… LOL!  Last year we discussed the relationship between iron in the blood (hemoglobin) and magnetic fields; and now we are starting to find mini-short videos on the web proving not only our theory about iron’s magnetic attraction, but also enriched oxidized iron used to repeal magnetic fields!  I use terms like “force field” to get my point across, but we’re talking about the same thing… and I understand not everyone has taken a Physics class. 


“What do your RF Absorbing Shoe Inserts do?”… Well, we are discussing it right now!  We apply a negative charge to enrich oxidized iron - if you want to break up platelet clumping, that’s how it’s done.  It’s simple, no bullshit and to the point.  The only aggravating thing about this industry – and it really annoys the hell out of me - is the “mind-over-matter” brainwashing solution technique; it’s like government.  Government thinks of its citizens as children - and EMF companies think of their clients as “tinfoil-hat crazies” that are desperate and gullible.  That’s why they created their own “EMF-speak;” so you sound crazy to everyone else when trying to describe your symptoms… meanwhile… the EMF industry remains a sympathetic ear that “understands what you’re going through.”  That’s insulting and it’s why I go after them. 


EHS is a curable allergy; so long as the allergic frequency band can be identified.  It’s not a theory… we help people every day.  You may not know which frequency band you’re allergic too, but I can identify it for you – just give us a call and we’ll have a conversation.  What do you have to lose?


This year is all about solutions.  We are going to release a three-tier product line specifically tailored for low, mid, and high-band EMF allergies.  If you follow our recommendations to the letter I can guarantee to help you, both inside and outside the home.  No hype… no bullshit… just good science.

17 July 2018

Have you ever tried to use your cellphone with only half bars and 75% or less of a battery charge? 


Are you one of those people that will keep trying until you burn yourself and blame the EMFs for the burn?


HeHeHeHeHe – fucking funny!


Before you blame the EMFs know this first… inside your phone you have multiple antennas…ok?  All antennas work the same way – except my Antennas – the primary side sends voltage in to the receiver based on signal strength and grounds the secondary side to the case via a power resistor – each antenna has one. 


Power resistors, as a physical part, have a 3-4 year lifespan before it burns out.  The purpose of the power resistor is to reduce the voltage overload to ground – ground is the phone case.  When the power resistor burns out, since it’s on the ground and not the power side, the phone still works but instead of limiting the voltage to the case you are now receiving the full circuit based on antenna load. 


Here’s the sucky part… the power resistor is a luxury item and not the norm between cellphone manufactures.  Apple has one, but Nokia does not (Nokia and Ericsson make phone for Microsoft).  Samsung does not on the newer models – that’s why they blow up on planes.  Oppo Mobile over in Asia does.  The cheaper price is not always, and in my case never - because I’m an electronics snob - the right choice.


A power resistor can fry out or overload and still dump voltage to ground.  When you are burning yourself trying to upload a concert selfie when the jammers are on might result in a first degree skin irritation – I’ve done it myself – that is caused by a circuit overload.  When the magnetic fields are high coming off the phone but no voltage burn, that’s from a short because the power resistor on the ground is dead as a doornail, tits up, and as half my family members would like to say… PR is sleeping with the fishes.   None of this, by the way, is what I would categorize as “The EMFs” and if I do please wrap me in tinfoil and put me away in a nice quiet room with a little padding… Steven was always my favorite part of the show... 


Tip: The next time you’re in one of my houses to only use the camera, and if you have to post your vanity immediately to Facebook, please use the house Wi-Fi… LTE will burn you every time.  

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