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We have done it... We have accomplished what others said could not be done. For years people told us our TriWave could not be outperformed as a portable EMR absorption unit... well I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so... Introducing our new QUADwave - based off our NEW MAXWELL grounding series. The QUADwave is the world's first portable ground that can be installed anywhere - no muss, no fuss, no cables, no plugs, no nothing'... Use it in the car, the camper, the classroom, the bedroom, the hotel, the office - use with your A/V gear to enhance the experience... you can use the QUADwave anywhere... placement options are endless.


Enough of the sales pitch... We teamed up with our friends over at Shakti Innovations to produce one of the coolest devices you'll find anywhere this year within the EMF world - a 12 resonant chamber portable Earth ground - if that doesn't just scream the word "cool" I don't know what does... there is nothing like it. Usually, a portable ground is just an absorbing block that either bonds the absorbed noise to the building ground or dissipates the thermal field via IR friction. The QUADwave does that and then alters the frequency of the absorbed energy in order to output a harmonizing field. Harmonizing products in the EMF world is a buzz word... usually they do little to nothing within a single piezoelectric frequency. A QUADwave produces 12 different piezoelectric frequencies - some are designed for cancellation and others are designed for atmospheric enhancement - this is how we are able to extend the bandwidth out past 100GHz.


The QUADwave sets up in minutes.

Size: 10in x 6in x 3in

Frequency range up to 100GHz


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