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We live in a world of elevated magnetic fields and radiation levels based on too much wireless communications and devices inside and outside the home.  The radiation levels inside the home magnify with each user device and get trapped inside the home by the electrical wiring of the home.  Outside the home we are bombarded by our neighbor’s wireless traffic as a secondhand carcinogen and magnetic interference with our electrical and internal wireless traffic.  The result is 50x to 60x more radiation inside our homes compared to just 5 years ago – and 6000x to 8000x more than just 20 years ago.


Radiation is a straightforward animal; it is frequency referenced based on the electrical signal – the higher the frequency amplitude, the greater the radiation discharge.


Dissipating radiation is not an easy trick. Radiation first needs to be absorbed, but absorption is based on ground density and size – larger grounding blocks have a wider frequency range and greater suppression ratios to cover a larger area. Sometimes those specification lines become blurred based on the number of local cell towers in the area, number of Wi-Fi neighbors all streaming Netflix in the evening and the number of in-home wireless devices turned on at the same time. Each wireless device has a dedicated channel and, as those channels bump up against each other, overlap radiation levels double, triple, and even quadruple.  Sizing the ground block based on real world needs is especially important. Harmony II Breeze is excellent for a small bedroom, office space, or the car. The Harmony II TriWave is better suited for larger family rooms, bedrooms with multiple wireless game controllers, wireless stereo speakers throughout the home, etc.


Once absorbed we need to do something with it – energy always needs to be converted into something else.  This is where we come in. Our Harmony II TriWave absorbs radiation, converts the radiation to an IR wavelength, then - using our Exclusive Infinity Digital Clock - we add harmonic overtones to the IR wavelength.  The wavelength is broken down at the atomic level to create pure oxygen via negative-ionic, non-static discharge with zero radiation emissions.


What is all involved?


We started by redesigning the ceramic – we scrapped the old ceramic blend and created a new one with more conductive elements, greater density, and improved conductive filtering.  Our new ceramic blend is 300x denser per square centimeter than just a year ago. By creating a denser ceramic base/grounding block, we can compact more conductive elements into the mix.  The final result is an anti-radiation block that is 50x more conductive per square millimeter – this allows us to extend the coverage area from 4 meters (older designs) up to 6 meters (19.8 feet) from the body with greater suppression.



Additionally, we redesigned the basic Ground Plane.  Older designs used a soft 6N copper ground plane to act as an antenna to absorb the radiation fields. The Harmony II takes the ground plane to a whole new level. We start by using softer copper with less impurities - the new base ground plane uses a six-sided 7N copper (the best available) for low frequencies. We also incorporated a brand new 5N silver for high frequencies. Next, we add an active floating ground plane which uses our Exclusive Infinity Digital Clock circuit; the best way to describe the benefits of this circuit is to say it’s like being in a zero RF environment.  You will experience the best night’s sleep after your body adjusts over a couple of nights to the zero environment.  The Infinity Digital Clock produces an extremely calm environment to allow the body to fully relax and slip off into a dead sleep.    



Another benefit of the new Harmony II TriWave is the increased levels of negative ions – doubled the output compared to older models.  Negative ions are easily absorbed into the body by breathing; the increased negative ion quickly helps to raise blood oxygen levels, which provides an enhanced layer of protection over the Pocket Ground/Insert combination.  Oxygen in the blood is how the body can naturally repeal magnetic fields and toxins.


How does the TriWave work?


The Harmony II TriWave absorbs all forms of radiation - the 24 all-natural conductive elements within the ground block bounce the frequencies around, thereby reducing the amplitude with each reflection point within the ground block, and there are thousands of reflection points within the block.  Once the radiation has been converted to a lower IR state, the Infinity Digital Clock kicks in using micro-vibrational, negative-even harmonic overtone frequencies to match the IR amplitude in order to produce cross-cancellation of the IR field.  Lastly, even though we cancelled the IR field, energy still needs to be released.  The final stage is to pass the ionized field through a negative-friction based ionic charge; the charge is then released as negative discharge which interacts with the water molecules in the air.  The conversion is pure oxygen. 


Recommended for use anywhere you need a safe, calming, oxygen-rich environment for health and wellbeing.

Harmony II TriWave

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