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Let us start off by saying we live in a world of evolutionary changing technology every second and every minute of every day. Our innovative leaders strive to be the first to provide highspeed communication, driverless automobiles and pilotless airplanes, and eventually on-board self-aware CPUs built into the human brain. Some would say those descriptions are taken straight out of a science fiction novel; but the scary truth is those description prototypes are in current production and scheduled to launch 1-2 years from now… all powered by a 5G network. Think about it; products you purchase at Best Buy, which might work out of the box or might not without a firmware update, will drive your children to school in an all-electric single seat GM Pod – scheduled for 2030. 5G is already taking over our telecommunications, local fire and rescue, emergency broadcast system, OTA, wireless cable and satellite television and internet delivery, and so much more – by 2030 every wireless device purchased at Best Buy will supply a 5G government mandated free hotspot antenna to increase regional network coverage for autonomous vehicles. 5G and 10G wireless technology is here to stay for the unforeseeable future.


As we know, all technology networks are powered by electricity and highspeed microwave circuit frequencies and parts – by themselves harmless - but combined, turn your local school, parks, the family car, your home and work environment into a low to mid-field radiation factory that is no different from cooking your favorite food in a microwave oven… except you are sitting in the family room with your children watching TV, playing a video game, listening to music, reading a book via your laptop, or having a conversation with Alexa.  While our current government is on a witch-hunt to root out natural gas stoves, ceiling fans, air conditioners, hot water heaters, and even our food supply; their environmental stewardship to advance society to green energy doesn’t take into account that wireless electrical in any form is 100% unhealthy and should be designated by the World Health Organization as a first and secondhand carcinogen.  It’s pretty bad when cigarette smoking is healthier for you than text messaging for hours on your iPhone, but that’s the reality.  In a hospital people are asked to wear a lead apron during x-rays, yet no one informs the public as they push new green innovations that we should be wearing that same lead apron today to walk in and around our home, workplace, vacation property, etc. Please understand I am not trying to scare you but provide the public with some harsh realities that politics and ideologies have consequences that everyone must deal with now and down the road.


Over the last 10 years, Alan Maher Designs has perfected a personal grounding system for all types of health-related illnesses. We have tried to educate the public about the dangers of misusing wireless devices and low-level radiation sickness. We have explained in countless forums how radiation from these devices enters the body, how quickly it affects the body and the end result. As I have stated thousands of times - there is hope, there is a solution, and it is currently available.


Our client base covers a wide spectrum - Autistic families, medical doctors, frontline nurses, IT professionals, autoimmune households, Government officials, Hollywood, Consultants for the World Health Organization, Silicon Valley Professionals and in-house doctors and their families, Professional Athletes and trainers, Moms and Dads and their children across the globe.


Personal grounding is based on ionization disruption, absorption, frequency, and IR conversion. This needs to be done outside the body as well as within the body. Outside the body is easy to understand – absorb, block, and reflect. Inside the body is a biological and chemical process to increase blood oxygen levels, negative ionization and magnetic polarization regulation, pH regulation, frequency conversion for radiation deep tissue removal, inflammation reduction, etc.


I would like to say this is a specific product process but it is not. We use a combination of two products to achieve this goal. The first product is our Harmony II Shoe Insert. The Harmony II Shoe Insert acts as a shield, a personal isolated ground, magnetic polarization regulation for the nervous system, and increase of blood oxygen levels – elevated levels of oxygen help to repeal magnetic fields from being absorbed by the body. The production of negative ions from the negative ionization filter built into the Insert turbocharges the circulatory system to aid in the reduction of fluid retention and inflammation. The second product is our Harmony II Pocket Ground. The Pocket Ground acts as an off-ramp for high-frequency, microwave-based radiation and uses a commercial anti-radiation block to absorb and disrupt the field surrounding the body up to two meters.


The Harmony II Shoe Insert is made up of three parts.  The inner core absorbs and coverts all radiation via friction to a lower IR state; the Earth’s Schumann harmonic - at all harmonic frequencies - is capable of absorbing and dissipating IR frequencies. The second part is a 7N copper plane low frequency absorber for SLF/ELF fields. The third part is a 5N silver plane high frequency absorber for microwave 5G protection. In combination with the Harmony II Pocket Ground, the radiation filtration associated with low to mid-band, high-band, and ultra-high-band frequencies surpass current and future FCC 5G licensing as of 2023.


Simply put, on-person personal self-grounding is an excellent place to start for your overall health and well-being.

Harmony II Shoe Inserts

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