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The EVO Blocker is not a contemporary design from us, but it has been reworked several times over the years to extend and improve the performance. The EVO Blocker is based on our Exclusive Focus Filtration circuit. Years back we demonstrated our Focus Filtration circuit at an Autism One Conference in Colorado. It is common with these trade shows to experience electromagnetic build up from the many different vendors trying to display their product line – if you throw in the hotel Wi-Fi you can have yourself an electromagnetic party, and not in a good way. Our booth was several down from a company trying to demo a Tesla coil as an EMF treatment. The magnetism built up in the room causing the patrons to experience electromagnetic or radiation sickness in the form of migraine headaches and nausea. At our booth, my partner and I were experiencing a headache. We took a simple power strip and our Blocker circuit and aimed the filter up with the back of the case pointing toward the ceiling. Within minutes our headaches disappeared. We created a small EM free zone of about six feet – not large a single filter, but enough of an area for us to demo the tech to anyone that was interested. The Focus Filtration design eliminated the patron’s headache and feeling of nausea in a matter of minutes just by sitting in our chair.


Focus Filtration also became extremely popular in the Autistic circles because it could quickly create a RF Free Safe Space for the individual – An RF Free Space can reduce the frequency of Autistic stimming behavior or eliminate it all together. An RF Free environment extends past Autistic individuals and can help people suffering with anxiety, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, restless sleep, night terrors, PTSD, and the list goes on.


Over the years we have played around with unconventional materials and antenna sizing/lengths to help extend our original 6-foot design to nine feet, twelve feet, and now fifteen feet. I know fifteen feet does not sound like a lot, but that is fifteen feet in a 360-degree array -up/down. Left/right, front/back. Installation for this type of design is remarkably simple, the goal is to treat the entire home as budget allows. We recommend treating the exterior walls of the home – the filter will help block incoming IR/radiation from entering the home. Also keep in mind, Focus Filtration will extend through the wall to outside the home by a few feet to help create a RF Free bubble around the home.


How do I know if I have IR/radiation in the home?


Download a Wi-Fi signal strength app for your phone or tablet. The app picks up Wi-Fi radiation heat signatures. You can reverse engineer the app to show you where the radiation signature is the strongest in the home. Plug in the EVO Blocker near the radiation signature and watch it vanish. The moment the heat signature vanishes you are now in a RF Free Zone – repeat until the entire home is treated. This type of filtering blocks from the outside and also the inside – it will reduce Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular signal strength inside the home – over the years it has been reported that we actually eliminated the signal inside the home depending on the source signal strength at the home location, so just keep that in mind.


We also recommend installing one EVO Blocker near electronics, computers, routers, flat panel TVs, etc. For this type of installation, install the filter within 1.5 meters (5 feet) of the electronic component.


Why should I care about eliminating IR/radiation in the home?


IR/radiation is an interesting MoFo if you get my drift. IR/radiation can raise the temperature of the water molecule that regulates the oxygen production in the home – a temperature balanced water molecule produces negative ions – the negative ions will in turn either produce oxygen or hydrogen. If the water molecule temperature from radiation exceeds 72 degrees inside the home negative ion reproduction begins to deplete. If the radiation level exceeds 75 degrees inside the home the water molecule bursts to create humidity – humidity destroys negative ions. We usually recommend regulating the homes temperature between 68F-71F degrees to help maintain a healthy negative ion reproduction throughout the year.


Why are negative ions important?


Negative ions are the building blocks of our body. Negative ions flood the bloodstream with much needed enriched oxygen support for the entire body. Say goodbye to mood swings, headaches, muscle cramps – and to steal a line from one of my favorite movies, prepare yourself to feel joy joy feelings. Negative ions are almost 100% exclusively responsible for our everyday wellbeing, plus they also kill off viruses, bacteria and human-caused odors, mold, etc.


The EVO Blocker creates a magnitude of compounded benefits when the above is followed to the letter.

EVO Blocker

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