Tech Ground Mini

The Tech Ground Mini is a QPI "style" plug-n-play filter. Excellent for small rooms up to 15' x 15' x 10'.


The Tech Ground Mini breaks the mold on price vs. performance. The Mini's internal folded grounding cell is very labor intensive. The grounding cell lowers the noise floor on the circuits neutral by -135db at peak saturation.  Each filter requires 4 days to build.


Use the Tech Ground Mini to enhance lowering the circuit impedance in areas of the home that are considered low impedance dead zones. A dead zone is created by an excessive source of airborne noise in close proximity to the electrical circuit in-wall wiring. A location in the home with a Wi-Fi router is a good example... sometimes the RF Antenna is just not enough because of how the Wi-Fi electrical signal interacts with nearby in-wall electrical.  In that situation, an additional grounding method would be advised. The Tech Ground Mini could be installed in this situation to lower circuit impedance as a means to remove additional noise from the room.  Filtering the oscillated harmonic ripples out of 50/60Hz electrical is crucial to lower the noise floor for the entire home. Maintaining a low impedance ground throughout the home is how we achieve a low noise floor.


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