Quantum Breeze

The Quantum Breeze 360 is our 4th generation high frequency in-room passive environmental EMF scrubber.  The design includes our new EMF absorbing ceramic - 100 times more electrically conductive (includes Graphene as part of the ceramic mixture) - compared to the original at absorbing EMF from audio/video electronics, computers, and household appliances.


The Quantum Breeze 360 internal passive cell has been redesigned to incorporate our new and Exclusive Cross Plane EMF Absorber and Infinite Ground technology – Cross Plane technology filters across the filter array to provide a constant center of gravity for the main absorbing filter cell – Infinite Grounding creates an unlimited frequency saturation point for the filter cell.  The EMF reduction benefit of the 360 degree design is felt in a room immediately upon arrival – sets up a constant star ground point for the room.


The Quantum Breeze 360 can handle a room up to 3000 sq./ft. without absorption loss if installed in a centralized location.  For rooms larger than 3000 sq./ft. add a second unit, install at the 1/3 and 2/3 length locations of the room.


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