Prescription Strength 

Infinite Grounding Mat

Same great performance as the original Infinite Grounding Mat...  but 30% stronger for those with extreme electromagnetic hypersensitivity!

In our modern age, our bodies are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic fields (EMF) from conveniences such as lamps, clock radios, televisions, cell phones, even the wiring running in the walls of your home or office!  These devices emit fields of 'dirty electricity' / EMR (electromagnetic radiation) - and because your body is somewhat conductive, these fields are drawn to your body with sometimes devastating effects.  Inflammation is a medically recognized cause for many ailments such as high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, hearing loss, vision deterioration, and more.  EMF effects have also been attributed to mood swings, allergies, and muscle/nerve pain.

Another thing that you have to be aware of is the circuit frequency - Schumann’s theory of the earth frequency ranging around 7.83Hz is incorrect; earth is actually around 1Hz and change – 7.83Hz was used as a model because Schumann resonators are based off electromagnetic coils to amplify out of phase EMF… to be honest there is only so much you can do with a coil of magnetic wire. That is why scientists use quartz resonator signal generators to properly reproduce Schumann based on the individual environment. There is nothing wrong with Schumann’s theory per se, but to prove a point with electrical - electrical fields in between hot, neutral and earth conductors induce one another simply because they are in close proximity to each other. So… it is safe to say that if hot measures at 60Hz, then neutral and earth will measure some variation of 60Hz based on induced wire geometry. In standard construction-grade ROMEX, earth/ground will be the higher value simply because it is sandwiched between hot and neutral. Maybe earth measures at 43Hz or 57Hz… but it’s certainly not at 0Hz (don’t confuse Hz and voltage) which is what’s required if you want a clean pathway to Mother Nature outside.

Why is self-grounding important? 


As you may or may not be aware, our electrical network in the home consists of 3 bundled wires that make up an electrical circuit - hot, neutral, and earth. In the US, our electrical is based on 60Hz frequency at 120 volts. In theory, earth should always measure at 0 volts in reference to hot and neutral - but that is rarely the case. Reversed wiring, reversed neutral and ground, ground lifting (faulty wiring or using a cheater plug), and incorrectly wired appliances manufactured outside the US all cause problems for your home’s electrical. It only takes one incorrectly wired toaster built in China plugged into a kitchen outlet to dump voltage to earth – if you measure the appliance’s power supply for reverse polarity, it will surprise you how many appliances you own that are wired this way. Electronics built overseas are notorious for reverse polarity in the US because manufactures are trying to design universal power supplies - but what works in China does not necessarily work in the US. China dumps voltage to chassis, whereas in the US the chassis is grounded for safety… so all that dumped voltage from Chinese made electrical goods is now travelling down your neutral and earth wiring in the wall… and that is bad news.

We designed a simplistic yet complex approach to grounding – the Prescription Strength Infinite Grounding Mat.  Our Prescription Strength Infinite Grounding Mat is the perfect solution.  Unlike traditional grounding mats or pads, we don’t rely on wires plugged into an electrical socket or attached to grounding rods. 


First, we had to filter noise coming from the ground from your utilities, and then we use the captured noise as a means to self-generate a negative ion charge from our grounding material. Second, we developed a simple floating ground that uses earth and the body to simulate the ground frequency… which is EXACTLY what happens when you are barefoot at the beach. Your body is never tuned in at earth’s frequency, but rather a split difference between earth and your body’s own electrical signature frequency.

How do we do that? 

Again, simple but extremely complex… we created a conductive path from our simulated ground to the nerve’s located in your foot and spinal column. We use pain receptors as a means of regulating the body. At the same time, the conductive path transfers the body’s electrical signature to our simulated ground – now our simulated ground beats in rhythm with earth that is coupling from underneath and the body’s electrical signature from above. The grounding rhythm creates what we call an infinite ground… and we use the infinite ground to do many things besides grounding the nervous system. 

Infinite grounding allows us to drain off stored RF trapped in the fat cells which cause inflammation and EMI which slows blood flow. Together, both symptoms slow down your circulatory system which creates a whole host of other problems. Once we have been able to drain off the stored noise, now the water system of your body becomes a protective barrier (the average adult male is 60% water). All day long we are bombarded with airborne noise bouncing around us and passing through our bodies based on frequency. High frequencies mixed with electromagnetic energy are no different from x-rays or MRI’s penetrating the body – this is where our third point comes into play.  Within the conductive pathway, we developed a high frequency noise filter / frequency absorber that does absolutely nothing but draw frequency above 750MHz to itself, adding a negative charge at the ionic level as the frequency passes through the material – and once again using noise to filter itself by neutralizing the positive charge at the ionic level. The body sees the conductive filtering pathway as a waterfall simulation – noise enters the fat layer and immediately is redirected to the grounding material via route through the pain receptors where it is absorbed, converted, and dissipated to heat. Unlike before when the noise was allowed to be stored to cause inflammation from the heated fat cells, the waterfall effect to the grounding material drains noise at the speed of light.


How do I use it?


Simply place the Prescription Strength Infinite Grounding Mat under your feet while sitting at your desk, watching TV, reading a book – remember, the ball of your foot is one of the most highly conductive points in your body – or slip under the mattress pad of your bed for a restful night’s sleep.  The Prescription Strength Infinite Grounding Mat can also be placed under your keyboard at work, or even behind your back while driving your car.  Highly versatile, durable and conveniently sized (16” x 20”), the Prescription Strength Infinite Grounding Mat is portable and can be used anywhere, anytime.


NOTE:  Contact us for ideas for new construction installs!


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