History of the RF Absorbing Shoe Insert Project:


Our original, regular strength RF Absorbing Shoe Insert was developed to drain high frequency noise away from the body of an Autistic person to help improve their way of life; RF and EM in an Autistic person causes cranial swelling in the area of broken or underdeveloped calcium channels.  Motor skills, verbal/non-verbal communication and stimming are regulated by the amount of inflammation surrounding these areas of the brain.  The RF Insert reduced the inflammation and in 100% of cases, improving the person’s way of life.  During our trials we also discovered a few additional health bonuses - reduce body inflammation and reduced harmonic resistance along the nervous system; regulated blood pressure; improved gut health; heightened sensory (vision, sound, smell, and taste); mood inhibitor; and pain relief just to name a few.


Our second generation design is known as the "Prescription Strength" RF Absorbing Shoe Insert.  At the request of several doctors, we developed a deep tissue version of the original design.  The PS version is excellent at muscle therapy and repair.  We do NOT recommend this version for children!


This brings us to our third generation Insert project, which is our TDT Insert - TDT is a totally reworked concept compared to the original.  We modelled the TDT Insert based on the AQUA PG, so it has a lot of the similarities of the AQUA PG – a kinetic energy filter working on plus and minus polarity.  TDT acts as a power conditioner for the nervous system, filtering and regulating metal toxicity and enriching the respiratory system.  Let’s break each one down:


TDT electrically couples to the electrical stimulus traveling along the nerve endings.  The electrical field is absorbed into the negative pole of the TDT Insert, filtered for harmonics (absorbed RF and electric field magnetics) and reflected back to the nerve ending via the positive pole of the Insert.  TDT acts as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) treatment.


TDT can change the polarity of aluminum, copper, silver, zinc, mercury, iron, tin, nickel, etc.  The positive side of the TDT Insert adds a strong negative electrical charge to everything it couples to within the bloodstream.  The negative charge of the TDT Insert is similar to bathing in a bentonite clay bath to detox for heavy metals.  The ohm resistance of the TDT Insert (.0001) can provide greater surface area absorption compared to bentonite clay and water total body treatment (5 ohms of resistance).


As stated above, TDT adds a negative electrical charge to the iron in the blood.  As we’ve stated in the past, iron’s magnetic positive charge is responsible for platelet clumping.  By attaching a negative charge, TDT can cancel out the iron’s positive magnetic charge and break up clumped platelets; the byproduct is oxygen enrichment throughout the respiratory system.  I’ve been known to use the TDT Insert, as well as the AQUA PG, as a respiratory inhaler replacement for when I’m in an asthmatic hostile environment with great success.  I was diagnosed with COPD 4 years ago and I reach for my PG before my inhaler every time.  To be honest, I get very little relief off the rescue and Symbicort inhalers, whereas with the TDT or AQUA PG I can have 60%-70% lung capacity back in less than 15 minutes.   


TDT acts as a stimulator based on your individual nervous system’s electrical frequency.  It will only take a couple of seconds before you notice the Insert under your foot is physically vibrating.  Initially you may feel heat at the bottom of your foot from the hyper-activity of cleansing the nervous system - this is perfectly normal and will go away after your body is completely detoxed. 


NOTE:  Recommended to be used in conjunction with AQUA Pocket Ground.


Build time approx 2-3 days.

TDT Shoe Inserts




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