Imagine if we could roll back our lives to a simpler time.  A time before the creation of the switch mode power supply and the rapid expansion of the telecommunications industry around the world.  What if we could develop a time machine to roll back our lives to a time of pure energy?


The Power Lens Technology Planar EMI Wrap is a time machine that discards all the bad things known about electricity, and purifies all the good things we know about electricity.  Our Power Lens Technology erases the harmful effects of switch mode harmonics and telecommunication magnetic interactions.  Power Lens Technology is a clean tech that provides frequency perfect power factor correction and 2nd, 4th, and 16th harmonic correction. 


Multi-layered harmonic correction allows us to place your home in a purified electromagnetic bubble to protect your home against harmful electromagnetic radiation.  Unlike wrap designs that we offered in the past, our Power Lens technology is based off a planar design to utilize the entire surface area of the wrap as a non-limiting parallel low-pass nullifying coil.  The EMI Wrap provides a minimum of 150dB of RF reduction between dc to 120GHz.  


Benefits and Features:


Provides extreme EMI/RFI shielding and suppression over a broad frequency range.


Ground Surface Resistance: 0.0005 ohm


Frequency Attenuation: 


10Hz to 100KHz – 95dB to 105dB

100KHz to 1MHz – 102dB to 125dB

1MHz to 2GHz – 117dB to 135dB

2GHz to 20GHz – 130dB to 110dB

20GHz to 100GHz – 106dB to 73dB


Organically the Power Lens Technology will detox your body from the harmful electromagnetic disruptions of the day the moment you walk into your home.  You will experience a pure detoxification relaxation as your body drains all the stored bad energy away.  You will experience less yearly sickness and doctor visits – a deeper sleep – and a calming personality.  All made possible from our EXCLUSIVE deionization process.


Our Power Lens Technology disrupts harmful electromagnetic waves throughout your home that cause depression, fear and suicidal thoughts, pain, behavioral disorders, weight gain, sinus headaches, respiratory symptoms, and the list goes on.


Recommended for use with "Dirty Electricity" Destroyers and EARTH Outlet Covers.


Build time approx 4-6 days

Power Lens Technology Planar EMI Wrap




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