Most people are affected by EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) and high frequency noise in one way or another – however, it is the ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), the harmful by-product of EMF, which causes the most damage.  The effects could be something as simple as mood swings, allergies, or muscle/nerve pain.  It can also be the root cause for high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, hearing loss, vision deterioration and more.  It is most often assumed that these conditions are a sign of diet or aging only, but that is simply not the case – most people are actually experiencing an allergy to EMF (also known as Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS)) in the form of low level radiation sickness based on overexposure to low level ionized fields.  Overexposure to EMR causes inflammation, which is a medically recognized cause behind each of these conditions, as well as many others.  Reducing inflammation is of the utmost importance to achieving a healthier lifestyle.



At AM Designs we take these EMR overexposure conditions seriously and have become a household name in concierge EMF allergy suppression for the Autistic and EHS community.  Harmony Inserts absorb from the body harmonic frequency from magnetic (ELF) through the entire RF spectrum up to 35GHz (low-mid band 5G) with a minimum of 120db in frequency saturation.  Benefits include: deep tissue radiation drain off targeting ELF, RF, EMR to reduce body inflammation and harmonic resistance along the nervous system (pain relief); regulate blood pressure and increase oxygenation; improve gut health; heighten sensory (vision, sound, smell, and taste); mood inhibitor; harmful viral/bacterial conditions (e.g. Lyme’s).



Autism, EHS, and Viruses have 2 things in common:

1. Magnetic fields and associated inflammation

2. Magnetic fields and associated low frequency (ELF) sensitivity

Unlike industry EMF and 5G that require complex digital and re-clocking filtering, viruses and bacteria respond to specific frequency ranges – they live within the analog band, making it very easy to reduce their population.  Harmony Inserts essentially target viruses and bacteria for mitigation with Virus Rife frequencies.



Harmony Inserts act as a power conditioner for the nervous system, filtering and regulating toxicity and enriching the respiratory system.  Harmony Inserts can change the polarity of toxic metals found in the body - aluminum, copper, silver, zinc, mercury, iron, tin, nickel, etc.  Iron, one of the many metal toxicities in the bloodstream, has a magnetic positive charge and is responsible for platelet clumping.  By attaching a negative charge, Harmony Inserts can cancel out the iron’s positive magnetic charge and break up clumped platelets; the by-product is oxygen enrichment throughout the respiratory system. Harmony Inserts couple to the electrical stimulus traveling along the nerve endings; the electrical fields are absorbed into the negative pole of the Insert and filter harmful harmonics frequencies, the body’s absorbed RF and EMR fields.  Harmony Inserts provide greater surface area absorption at the Kidney One (ball of the foot), a conduit of the body, and can act as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) treatment with an ohm resistance of .0001, compared to bentonite clay and water total body treatments with 5 ohms of resistance.



Harmony Inserts act as a stimulator based on your individual nervous system’s electrical frequency.  It will only take a short amount of time before you notice the Insert under your foot is physically vibrating.  Initially, you may feel heat or a tingling sensation on the bottom of your foot or calves from the hyper-activity of cleansing the nervous system - this is perfectly normal and will dissipate once your body has “detoxed” and adjusted to your new, RF/EMR reduced state.



Harmony Inserts are placed under the existing shoe or orthotic insert.



Harmony Inserts are available in standard Women’s sizes 6-10 and standard Men’s sizes 9-12.  If you do not see your size listed, please Contact Us!  Harmony Inserts are NOT recommended for small children. 



NOTE:  Recommended for use in conjunction with our Pocket Ground series.


Build time approx 1-2 days

Harmony Shoe Insert

  • What size should I order?

    Inserts are built in whole sizes only.  Trimming is NOT recommended!  For half sizes, round down to the nearest whole size (Example: Women's 9.5 order Women's 9).


    How long will my AM Designs Shoe Inserts last?

    On average, our Inserts last 300-500 miles for running shoes and every day wear, or about 6-12 months of use (similar to other shoe orthotics). Consider the type of footwear and the job the Inserts are doing.  Inserts are just like any other wearable apparel and exhibit fair wear and tear with use.


    How do I install my AM Designs Shoe Inserts?

    Our Shoe Inserts are designed to be used with your existing shoe inset or orthotic.  Simply lift your existing shoe inset or orthotic out of your shoe, install our Shoe Insert, and reinsert your shoe inset or orthotic.  If your shoe does not have a removable inset or you do not wear orthotics, you may place any type of disposable insert (such as Dr. Scholl's) over top of our Insert to increase longevity and comfort.