As Silicon Valley, telecom conglomerates and our living world advances, our Pocket Ground series has evolved over the years. From our original Autistic calming technology (Pocket Ground and AQUA Pocket Ground) to our Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) internal cancellation technology (EARTH and EUPHORIA Pocket Ground) to our Medical Planar Technology (OMEGA Planar Pocket Ground) we present Harmony Pocket Ground, our Portable Virus-Free (PVF) 5G technology.



Our Harmony line merges together the best of each technology – all components manufactured right here in the USA - to create one of the most unique protection devices on the planet. For portable, effective, on-person mitigation here are just a few examples of what you may experience with Harmony Pocket Ground:


-EHS Mitigation

-Increased Energy

-Increased Healing Properties

-Decreased Autistic Stimming

-Viral and Bacterial Mitigation



Autism, EHS, and Viruses have 2 things in common:

1. Magnetic fields and associated inflammation

2. Magnetic fields and associated low frequency (ELF) sensitivity

Unlike industry EMF and 5G that require complex digital and re-clocking filtering, viruses and bacteria respond to specific frequency ranges – they live within the analog band, making it very easy to reduce their population (our Pocket Grounds have always promoted beneficial bacteria for good gut health). Harmony Pocket Ground essentially emits Virus Rife frequencies, targeting viruses and bacteria for mitigation.



Additionally, Harmony Pocket Ground incorporates grounding effects with our Exclusive ceramic design, a conductive mineral base using a combination of 17 different natural elements, for the EMR protection you’ve come to expect from AM Designs (ElectroMagnetic Radiation, the harmful by-product of EMF). As an anti-radiation grounding block, Harmony Pocket Ground organically interacts with the body (when placed in direct contact) and uses the body’s absorbed/nearby EMR as a power source. EMR from an electrical perspective is a thermal property; a magnetic discharge that is produced from excess voltage leakage by everything plugged into an electrical outlet. The grounding block inside the Harmony Pocket Ground absorbs the body’s/nearby EMR and produces/attaches a negative electron for ionic conversion – adding the negative electron physically converts EMR (which is mostly a positive ion) into a friendlier ionic reaction that can be absorbed by the water molecule (the body is comprised mainly of water). Water is part hydrogen and oxygen – when we attach a negative electron to the body’s absorbed EMR, the output will be seen as a negative ion that is quickly converted to oxygen (or hydrogen, based on the in-room humidity levels) to support brain, heart, and lung function, which translates into increased energy and a sense of calmness. The output will always be measured as an alkaline ph versus an acidic ph (EMR exposure over time changes the body’s ph level slowly to become more acidic which is extremely unhealthy).



But wait! There’s more! Harmony Pocket Ground also incorporates our Planar technology – an Exclusive medical grade rare earth magnet design – to be used as a pain management and rapid healing device. Harmony Pocket Ground can be used for deep tissue injuries, massage therapy and circulation improvement. A single device should be placed directly over the injury site, or two devices should be flanked to the outside of the injury site (recommended) to speed up the healing process by an additional 50%. Additional uses are the base of the skull to elevate headaches, on top of the head to open the sinus passage, the abdomen to improve gut health, an alternative to acupuncture – you are only limited by your imagination!



You don’t have to take our word for it – a few comments from our clients:


“I noticed I'm sleeping better with it. I tuck it in my pjs. If I'm not wearing it and I notice tension in my neck and shoulders from being on the computer/phone and I tuck (it) in a back pocket and it starts to relax it. If I'm wearing it I don't get the tension or it's super slight as opposed to painful. Also, I just like using it! It's a calming effect. It’s subtle but powerful!” (Sarah, CO)


“Having the Harmony PG on me during the day for about two days now... I am experiencing a ton of energy, and an overall good feeling. I feel calmer with more energy.” (Kim, OR)


“I'm using the Harmony in concert with the Omega on my body. I did notice increased calm the first day (I can't say I'm really feeling anymore. Maybe it's possible to get too grounded or hitting some sort of saturation point). I'm using the Omega in my pocket for sleep time and put the Harmony under my pillow. I can say that I have been waking up a bit more easy in the morning with less sleep fog.... so that's a good thing. I have to say the sleep has been a nice bonus.” (Rob, NJ)



Recommended for use in conjunction with our Shoe Insert series.

NOT recommended for persons with pacemaker implants.



Size: Approx. 5in x 2in x .5in, Approx. weight 5 ounces

Harmony Pocket Ground