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At Alan Maher Designs, we challenge ourselves every day to create the best product for the industry.  In many cases we bring technology to the forefront years before our competitors.  In-house we use acronyms like TDT, PLT, CEF, IFD, and PVF because at Alan Maher Designs we create technology!


TDT: TriCell Deionization Technology

PLT: Power Lens Technology

CEF: Conductive Energy Field

IFD: Ionic Field Disruption

PVF: Portable Virus-Free



Our Harmony Cable Filter is a combination of our Power Lens, Conductive Energy Field, Ionic Field Disruption and Portable Virus-Free technologies bundled together to create the first CEF treated toroidal RF/EMI Faraday filter.


CEF Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Interference Suppression:


>10Hz-100KHz: 50dB to 55dB

>100KHz to 1MHz: 55dB to 85dB

>1MHz to 2GHz: 85dB to 93dB

>2GHz to 10GHz: 93dB to 93dB

>10GHz to 18GHz: 93dB to 87dB



Our Harmony Cable Filter establishes the circuit’s low pass to filter out high frequency odd harmonics (RF, EMI, EMR, ELF) above 50/60Hz (increased power factor correction and magnetic conductivity) and bidirectional roll-off high frequency harmonics.



Our Harmony Cable Filter is designed to be used on all types of electrical power cords and cabling within the home, office, or automobile. Harmony Cable Filter is installed on the appliance/component’s power cable at the A/C male end; on the circuit wiring at the panel for those with more electrical experience; or on the battery cables of your automobile.



Some common in-home/office installations include: computers, lamps, TV’s, electronics, refrigerator, washer/dryer, air handler, cell phone charger, smoke detector, etc.


Size: ID: Up to ½” cable diameter

Harmony Cable Filter

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