As Silicon Valley, telecom conglomerates and our living world advances, our innovative designs have evolved over the years.  From AQUA, our original Autistic calming EMR mitigation design; to EARTH and EUPHORIA, our Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) cancellation technology targeting 5G; we now introduce Harmony, our portable Virus-Free (PVF) 5G technology.  Our Harmony line merges together the best of each technology – all components manufactured right here in the USA - to create one of the most unique protection devices on the planet.



Harmony Breeze is an anti-radiation environmental scrubber designed to absorb leaked EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation, the harmful by-product of EMF) from your living space (up to a standard sized bedroom approx. 8ftx10ft, office or vehicle).  EMR from an electrical perspective is a thermal property; a magnetic discharge that is produced from excess voltage leakage by everything plugged into an electrical outlet (including your electric car!). The grounding block inside the Harmony Breeze absorbs nearby EMR and produces/attaches a negative electron for ionic conversion – adding the negative electron physically converts EMR (which is mostly a positive ion) into a friendlier ionic reaction that can be absorbed by the water molecule. Water is part hydrogen and oxygen – when we attach a negative electron to the absorbed EMR, the output will be seen as a negative ion that is quickly converted to oxygen (or hydrogen, based on the in-room humidity levels) to support brain, heart, and lung function, which translates into increased energy and a sense of calmness.  Continuous exposure to EMR can affect the magnetic polarity of the iron in your bloodstream to a positive electrical charge, thereby decreasing oxygen levels.  Depleted oxygen in the bloodstream shuts down the immune system (according to a WHO study on voltage and the immune system, immunity completely shuts down at .3 volts over a 72 hour period. The average cellphone leaks 3-4 volts to the body… NOT .3 volts!).



Autism, EHS, and Viruses have 2 things in common:

1. Magnetic fields and associated inflammation

2. Magnetic fields and associated low frequency (ELF) sensitivity

Unlike industry EMF and 5G that require complex digital and re-clocking filtering, viruses and bacteria respond to specific frequency ranges – they live within the analog band, making it very easy to reduce their population.  Harmony Breeze essentially emits Virus Rife frequencies, targeting viruses and bacteria for mitigation.



Recommended Use for Harmony Breeze:


-Bedroom nightstand – absorbs in-room EMR and converts energy to a negative ion.


-Computer desk next to monitor – absorbs in-room EMR and convert energy to a negative ion.


-Behind TV set next to power cable – absorbs nearby EMR from Class B monitors and converts energy to a negative ion.


-In the car (close to radio or USB ports) – reduces radiation from digital radio, Bluetooth, and internal Wi-Fi hotspot.


-Family room next to main seating area – absorbs nearby EMR and converts energy to a negative ion.


-In the fridge – helps remove radiation from raw meats, veggies, and fruit - raises ph level of water.


-Outside garden – Install near vegetable plants and fruit trees – bury device 4’ under the ground for insulation – absorbs all forms of frequency and radiation before entering the plant and converts energy to a negative ion to help increase essential nutrients back into the soil.



Size:  Approx. 4in x 4in x 3in, Approx. weight 2 pounds

Harmony Breeze