Fourier Wrap erases the harmful effects of switch mode harmonics and telecommunication magnetic interactions to provide a clean tech that provides frequency-perfect power factor correction and 2nd, 4th, and 16th harmonic. Multi-layered harmonic correction allows us to place your home in a purified electromagnetic “bubble” to protect your home against harmful electromagnetic radiation. Our Fourier Wrap is based on a Planar design to utilize the entire surface area of the Wrap as a non-limiting, parallel, low-pass nullifying coil. Our Wrap provides a minimum of -90dB of noise reduction evenly disbursed up to 200GHz.


For home protection, Fourier Wrap “detoxes” your body from the harmful electromagnetic disruptions of the day as you walk into your home, experiencing a pure detoxification relaxation as your body drains all the stored bad energy of the day away. Fourier Wrap disrupts harmful electromagnetic waves throughout your home that can cause depression, behavioral disorders, weight gain, pain, sinus headaches, respiratory symptoms, etc. You may experience less yearly sickness and doctor visits, a deeper sleep and a calming persona. All made possible with our Exclusive deionization process.


For music lovers, Fourier Wrap places your favorite artists and musicians in the room. A luxurious and spacious reproduction; powerful bass and a rich and engaging midrange; a top-end that melts around the listener and draws you in; rich and vibrant sound that has scale and authority derived from a deep, ambient soundstage with exciting detail and dynamics.


Installation is super easy:


1. Locate your incoming electrical service conduit. Wrap will be installed 6-12 inches on the conduit BEFORE the meter (above or below, depending on how your service is delivered).

**NOTE: Do not remove plastic laminate! It is applied to protect the material and provide durability!**


2. Install the Wrap, non-labeled side facing IN, around the conduit as a cuff (overlapping layers) keeping the Wrap tight! Use the entire 42 inches of Wrap!

**NOTE: Cement tape is applied to the Wrap to assist holding the Wrap in place during installation – peel and stick.**


3. Cover the Wrap with any rubberized tape to weatherize against the elements.


4. Allow up to 200-250 hours for the Wrap to initially condition your incoming electrical wiring in the home. It can take up to 2 full months for the electronics/appliances in the home to be fully conditioned.


NOTE: If this is your first Wrap purchased from us, just follow the directions! If you own one of our previous model Wraps, install Fourier over top of your existing Wrap installation - the drop in noise throughout the home is tremendous!

Fourier Wrap