Most people are affected by EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) and high frequency noise in one way or another – however, it is the ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), the harmful by-product of EMF, which causes the most damage. The effects could be something as simple as mood swings, allergies, or muscle/nerve pain. It can also be the root cause for high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, hearing loss, vision deterioration and more. It is most often assumed that these conditions are a sign of diet or aging only, but that is simply not the case – most people are actually experiencing an allergy to EMF (also known as Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS)) in the form of low level radiation sickness based on overexposure to low level ionized fields. Overexposure to EMR causes inflammation, which is a medically recognized cause behind each of these conditions as well as many others. Reducing inflammation is of the utmost importance to achieving a healthier lifestyle.


At AM Designs we take these EMR overexposure conditions seriously and have become a household name in concierge EMF allergy suppression for the Autistic and EHS community. Our Fourier Insert absorbs and grounds for ELF, SLF, RF, EMR, EMI, and 5G:


ELF/SLF/Analog Band RF/EMI/EMR: -85dB Suppression

Mid Band RF/EMI/EMR/CELL/BLUETOOTH: -130dB Suppression

5G up to 100GHz: -175dB Suppression


Fourier Insert has a smooth coupling interaction with the nervous system – normal detox timeframe is 3 days with 6 hours of use each day. Initially, you may feel heat or a tingling sensation on the bottom of your foot or calves from the hyper-activity of cleansing the nervous system - this is perfectly normal and will dissipate once your body has “detoxed” and adjusted to your new RF/EMR reduced state.


Fourier Insert is placed under the existing shoe or orthotic insert.



Fourier Insert is available in standard Women’s sizes 6-10 and standard Men’s sizes 9-12. If you do not see you size listed, please Contact Us! Fourier Insert is NOT recommended for small children!



NOTE: Recommended for use in conjunction with our Pocket Ground series.


**Reference Podcast 23 for more information**

Fourier Shoe Insert