Elevated magnetic fields = Elevated radiation levels

This is where we come in… Fourier Pocket Ground is designed to operate within the ELF band.  Fourier PG has twice the absorbing strength in the lower frequency band compared to its Harmony counterpart.  At twice the strength, Fourier PG has the ability to reduce 2x more radiation within the ELF band – 2x is the same as using 2 Harmony PG’s dedicated to environmental radiation absorption.


Our Pocket Grounds are groundbreaking…

Pocket Grounds act as an off-ramp for the positive energy field, thus isolating direct contact with the Earth.  The positive energy field is routed into the PG’s conductive field and ground shunted – meaning, the PG physically grounds out the positive energy field within the frequency range the PG is designed to function in.  In the case of Fourier, the PG is designed to function within the ELF frequency range – which is right in line with the elevated voltage fields everyone is measuring inside their home.


The year(s) of COVID have forced us to rethink our product lines – to expand on the technology to help fight a new enemy.  Joseph Fourier’s work with harmonic multiples has been the gift that just keeps on giving.  Fourier’s concept for harmonic manipulation is different from ours but applies to what we are doing today.  Fourier used harmonic manipulation in the ELF band as a means to boost raw electrical energy – power companies are using this technology today to supply more energy to an aging electrical grid.  We use the technology differently than industrial – we are not applying random harmonic multiples in the ELF band to your home’s electrical.  Our product is absorbing random harmonic multiples in the SLF/ELF band. 


Why is this important?

If you would have asked me 5 years ago, I would have said NO; but with the rise of 5G around the world we are seeing more and more harmonic multiples and ripples affecting the low frequency magnetic band of our electrical grid that are artificially boosting grid levels without the power company boosting their output.  The power companies experiment with Fourier transformers combined with the rise of 5G cell towers is creating elevated levels of 30%-35% in the magnetic/radiation band over safety standards prior to reaching the home.  It is not uncommon these days to measure home levels over 125 volts in North America – expect the local power company is not responsible for the increased voltage levels.  5G acts like a magnetic field to the power line by creating a Faraday situation – the 5G magnetic field acts like a coil.  Coils can be used in electrical to either increase or decrease magnetic fields, thus increasing or decreasing electrical energy on-demand.  The field in this situation is regulated by the amount of nearby 5G cell towers and their total output.  The 5G signal creates a magnetic field around the electrical cable riddled with harmonic ripples associated with 5G signal that are measurable above and below the energy grids 60Hz multiple – the reason for this is the use of Fourier transformers coupled to the national energy grid.  A Fourier transformer works by applying a harmonic magnetic boost at 30Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 180Hz, etc. – these are all considered even multiples for our energy grid – even multiples increase magnetic output. Something as simple as a +12dB boost at 30Hz can increase the energy grid to be able to handle 10,000 extra homes within a 10-mile radius.  By those statics, you can see why the use of a Fourier transformer has become a very popular method for increasing energy on-demand for the utility companies.


On-demand is where our product line comes into play.  When the energy grid was first created, the max voltage in North America was 110 volts with every home service below 50 amps.  As time went on, the service became 100 amps/115 volts, 200 amps/117 volts, 250 amps/120 volts, 425 amps/125 volts, plus.  The average power supply – depending on where it’s manufactured – can be anywhere from 100 volts up to 120 volts.  For example, all power supplies rated between 100v-240v only operate at 100 volts, the remaining voltage is bonded to ground (dc leakage).  DC leakage is the number one reason why homes measure high in magnetic fields.


Why is radiation absorption important?

The answer to this is really simple and not difficult to understand – we are looking to prevent radiation sickness.  90% of all EMF related illnesses are rooted in elevated radiation levels absorbed by the body.  Each one of those cases can be easily diagnosed as a form of low-level radiation sickness or radiation poisoning.  In each one of those situations, elevated environmental man-made radiation levels reduced the effectiveness of the individual’s immune system – thus allowing a “chemical warfare” to take place within the body to exploit and manipulate underlining preexisting conditions that would have never surfaced if the immune system was function at a high level.  The technology we created for the Pocket Ground series raises the immune system by naturally increasing blood oxygen levels using our negative ionic fusion technology.  Our ionic technology dominates iron’s magnetic polarity forcing it to always maintain a negative polarity – this is what GOD intended, but Modern-Day MAN keeps screwing it up.  Cell phones, laptops, electrical switches, Xbox controllers, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. use wireless electrical RF fields to interact (wireless electrical fields are considered floating circuits).  Floating circuits are non-grounded and arbitrability use the body as a grounding source due to no fault of their own.  The Earth’s magnetic field (as everyone knows because of Schumann’s experimentation) uses the body as an electrical conduit when the individual is nearby of a wireless energy field.  This can be through direct contact or indirect contact with the device.  As an electrical conduit, iron’s magnetic polarity within the body is flipped from negative to positive for the duration of the direct/indirect contact – the discovery was first introduced back in the mid-1700’s by German cleric Ewald Georg von Kleist on 11 October 1745 and by Dutch scientist Pieter van Musschenbroek of Leiden (Leyden) in 1745–1746 – known as the Leyden jar experiment.  The Leyden jar experiment demonstrates how the body becomes a capacitor for the energy field simply by touching your feet to the ground for direct contact with the Earth’s natural magnetic field. 


Fourier Pocket Ground incorporates grounding effects with our Exclusive ceramic design, a conductive mineral base using a combination of 17 different natural elements, for the EMR protection you’ve come to expect from AM Designs (ElectroMagnetic Radiation, the harmful by-product of EMF).  Fourier Pocket Ground organically interacts with the body (when placed in direct contact) and uses the body’s absorbed/nearby EMR as a power source to generate negative ions.  


Recommended for use in conjunction with our Shoe Insert series.

Size:  Approx. 5in x 2in x .5in, Approx. weight 5 ounces

Fourier Pocket Ground