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Our Faraday Ground produces a low ELF wave to help create a Faraday shielded cage throughout the room by grounding wireless electrical signals, the in-wall electrical wiring, and the body’s own nervous system.  By placing the Faraday Ground in key locations throughout a room, you can create a self-grounded environment based on the Earth’s natural Schumann Resonance.  Far too long Schumann Resonance devices have been sold to the public as a standardized single frequency which is so far from the truth that it is not funny.  Companies selling Schumann devices based off 7.83Hz basically sell an expensive pipe dream in a fancy box, or worse have no actual scientific background to produce a multi-clocking Schumann Resonator.  But do not take my word for it, NASA tracks Schumann frequencies around the globe.  Most people do not understand that Schumann Resonance frequencies are based on global location and elevation.  Man-made Schumann devices lack the clocked power supplies to provide a standardized frequency of 7.83Hz.  Power supplies are man-made and locked to the frequency of the incoming electrical field, so at best a scaled down frequency harmonic will be based on the incoming frequency.  In North America the frequency is 60Hz – basic math allows us to split the impedance of the frequency down to 30Hz, 15Hz, 7.5Hz, 3.75Hz, etc. – and let us not forget that NASA clocks Schumann Resonances as low as 8Hz-16Hz at the Earth’s surface all the way up to 32Hz 60 miles above the Earth’s surface.


Based on that information, using Schumann to self-ground requires the Schumann device to dial in to the exact Earth Schumann frequency based on geographical and altitude.  When we designed the Faraday Ground, we factored in a broad frequency spectrum based on NASA’s public evaluations last published in 2017.


We selected to use an ELF based design that covers all frequency multiples between 7.5Hz and 45Hz – basing the design on a single frequency is useless when you must factor in the reasoning behind why the Earth’s Schumann Resonance have changed and increased over the years.  Many studies have shown how the frequency has gone up as global cellular and wireless traffic has increased.  Odd harmonic distortion between wireless traffic and the Earth’s Schumann Resonance frequency self-generates harmonic multiples – the harmonic multiples are responsible for many of the EMF related radiation-based illnesses that plague the world.


Our Faraday Ground field has a 3-meter output in all directions.  We recommend installing 3-4 units in rooms where you are trying to create a noise-free environment.  To give an example, let us say you would like to ground the bedroom.  In rooms smaller than 20 feet by 20 feet we recommend 3 units.  2 units flanking the headboard of the bed spaced 9 feet apart.  A third unit placed at the foot of the bed, centered, and spaced at 9 feet (to create an equal distance triangle) from the headboard units.  The idea behind the spacing is to make sure the ELF fields butt up against each other but do not overlap.  Now you can repeat this for the family room, home office, kitchen, etc.  In this type of set up the Faraday Ground creates a grounded living environment; the Faraday Ground’s field acts as a RF/EMI noise filter for the in-wall wiring by improving the inductance of the house ground.  Filtering the in-wall wiring will leak back to the breaker panel where it will also lower RF/EMI throughout the other circuits of the home.  All electronics within the room will establish a Faraday Ground to improve their performance but also lower the leaked radiation field and harmonic distortion to the room and/or electrical circuit– there are many different electrical benefits from establishing a grounded environment.


Another wonderful benefit of the Faraday Ground is its effect on the human body.  The Faraday Ground self-grounds the individual by reducing inflammation, improving hearing and vision, increasing circulation and oxygen for good heart health.


We recommend 60-72 hours to allow the ELF field to stabilize within the room, electrical circuit, and to detox the body.  Within that time, your body will adapt to the low ELF wave.  ELF waves are known to produce a calming effect within the room as the inflammation within the body subsides, this will help the individual to become more relaxed and experience less emotional stress.

Faraday Ground

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