In a digital world we now need a digital ground. AM Designs has designed a new conductive tech for the EUPHORIA Quantum Breeze based on a precision grade digital oscillator. OCXO is an oscillator operated inside a temperature-controlled oven which keeps the crystal and the oscillator circuit at a constant temperature.


In this design we developed a triple oven chamber that will use environmental ELF, RF, and EMR as a power source. On the inside of the oven we used a technique called magnetic disruption to create an infinite feedback loop.


In electronics an OCXO clock has a specific MHz oscillation frequency, but we couldn’t do that with the Quantum Breeze design because we’re not addressing one specific signal source – we have to address 3 main sources with a multitude of frequency attached to it. Instead of giving the circuit a bandwidth to work within which is what we would normally do when designing a digital oscillator, we decided to ignore the frequency and create an infinite way of cancellation. Each layer of the oven works within a specific band – within those layers some cross-cancellation of frequency due to overlapping will take place. Once the remaining frequency enters the oven magnetic disruption occurs – the way the unit is designed is to not allow frequency to escape – instead frequency will infinitely bounce around the inside of the oven until it’s zeroed out.


The EUPHORIA Quantum Breeze is our next generation EMF/RFI/EMI/EMR/Greenhouse Gas/5G environmental scrubber. I hate to use the word “harmony” as a way to describe our OCXO tech because it’s a buzzword, but that is basically what we are trying to do – by cancelling out frequency from the equation we are able to eliminate electrical timing errors within space.


Why is this important?


Different environments produce different responses from the EUPHORIA QB. EUPHORIA can absorb radiation; EUPHORIA can act as a piezoelectric filter tuned for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (infinite) harmonic multiple; EUPHORIA can convert harmful 5G radiation into oxygen and water.


Is anyone familiar with Maxwell’s theory on magnetic fields?


As we all know, WiFi is based on high frequency radio band transmission. The waveform for a typical 2.4GHz signal is approximately 4.25” in length. When you turn on the tri-band field meter to measure the RF you hear a tat, tat, tat sound. Each “tat” heard is the wireless signal moving 4.25” in space. The signal can travel between 2 points in space at the blink of an eye. Magnetic fields on the other hand move very slow – the industry uses this example as a way to debunk EMF claims. It is not uncommon for a magnetic field associated with WiFi signal to only travel a few inches from the router. This is where it gets interesting – Maxwell’s theory, and it holds true for all power supplies, grounds the magnetic field to the nearest conductive field. When the wireless signal stops transmitting the magnetic field dumps back to the router power supply – the power supply doesn’t know what to do with the excess field so it dumps it back to the circuit. In the US we have unbalanced electrical circuits – that means our circuit is designed with one live wire and one ground plus a safety. Neutral and earth are bonded together back at the electrical panel. When a magnetic burst is dumped to either neutral or earth inside a ROMEX cable it acts like a physical magnet – the magnetic field from the router acts as a magnetic multiplier with every keystroke. Think about it this way… every time someone taps out a word on a wireless keyboard each letter typed is one burst of wireless signal. On the electrical circuit the typing is measured as a magnetic pulse wave – each pulse burst is a multiplier. Think about streaming video for a second – streaming video is not a constant steady flow of data – it is sent from router to Apple TV/FireTV/Roku in digital packets – little tiny digital files or short signal bursts. Each signal burst dumps a magnetic pulse wave back on the electrical circuit where it ramps up the magnetic fields in the room over time. How long does it take an EHS individual to experience a migraine while streaming a movie – 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes? The wireless frequency per se is not giving you the headache, but the ramped up in-room magnetic fields is raising your blood pressure.


This is where we come in, by using multiple techniques of magnetic disbursement and disruption, our EUPHORIA line is capable of reducing magnetic fields by 60% with each different type of filter – EUPHORIA Platform under the router and Apple TV drops each field by 60%; Outlet Covers ground out the remaining field by another 50%-60% per cover; EUPHORIA DED reduces the circuit magnetic field by 50%-60% per filter. EUPHORIA Quantum Breeze and upcoming TriWave reduce the remaining in-room magnetic fields by 60%-85% (based on model); EUPHORIA Tech Ground corrects the circuit ground so everything I just described works perfectly at reducing noise, even if the outside ground is 100 years old and no longer able to function as a safety ground. The way to properly address magnetic fields and magnetic oscillations responsible for electromagnetic radiation is to address it over distance – filtering using the method of a little here and a little there goes a long way – remember we are trying to create even coverage throughout the home.


Right now, people are terrified over the 5G cell tower argument, but there are so many different delivery networks going to be released in the next year or two that it will make your head explode.


Here is just a few that we know of right now:
SpaceX – 5G Digital Streaming
COMCAST TV – 5G Video Streaming
DirectTV Genie – 5G Video Streaming
Emergency Broadcast System – 5G Digital Streaming
Government Mandated Internet Hotspot – 5G Digital streaming
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Mobile Networks – 5G Digital Streaming
Amazon Satellite Internet & Mobile Service – 5G Digital Streaming
Spectrum, COX, COMCAST, AT&T Residential Internet Service – 5G Digital Streaming
Amazon FireTV & Roku Video Streaming Device – 5G WiFi and Video Streaming
Police & Fire Bands – 5G Digital Streaming

High frequency transmission means longer exposure to magnetic electrical bursts at higher radiation levels thanks to the signal speed.


NOTE: The EUPHORIA product line is designed for 5G and 10G radiation reduction.


Recommended Use:
Bedroom nightstand – absorb local EMR and converts energy to a negative ion.
Computer desk next to monitor – absorb local EMR and convert energy to a negative ion.
Behind TV set next to power cable – absorb local EMR from Class B monitors and converts energy to a negative ion.
In the car – close to radio or USB ports – reduces radiation from digital radio, Bluetooth, and internal Wi-Fi hotspot.
Family room next to main seating area – absorb local EMR and converts energy to a negative ion.
In the fridge – helps to remove radiation from raw meats, veggies, and fruit - raises ph level of water.
Outside garden – Install near vegetable plants and fruit trees – bury device 4’ under the ground for insulation – absorbs all forms of frequency and radiation before entering the plant and converts energy to a negative ion to help increase essential nutrients back to the soil.


Build time approx 10-12 days

EUPHORIA Quantum Breeze




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