NOTE:  Recommended for Extreme EHS to 5G frequencies, used in conjunction with EARTH Pocket Ground and our Inserts.


In a digital world we now need a digital ground. We designed a new conductive tech for the EUPHORIA PG based on a precision grade digital oscillator. OCXO is an oscillator operated inside a temperature-controlled oven which keeps the crystal and the oscillator circuit at a constant temperature.


In this design we developed a triple oven chamber that will use environmental ELF, RF, and EMR as a power source. On the inside of the oven we used a technique called magnetic disruption to create an infinite feedback loop.


In electronics an OCXO clock has a specific MHz oscillation frequency, but we couldn’t do that in a PG design because we’re not addressing one specific signal source – we have to address 3 main sources with a multitude of frequency attached to it. Instead of giving the circuit a bandwidth to work within which is what we would normally do when designing a digital oscillator, we decided to ignore the frequency and create an infinite way of cancellation. Each layer of the oven works within a specific band – within those layers some cross-cancellation of frequency due to overlapping will take place. Once the remaining frequency enters the oven magnetic disruption occurs – the way the unit is designed is to not allow frequency to escape – instead frequency will infinitely bounce around the inside of the oven until it’s zeroed out.


The EUPHORIA PG works with the body using conductive vibration technology. Different oscillation vibrations interacting with the body in time with the nervous system.


When a noise source bounces off or is absorbed by the body it creates a phase shift oscillation on the nervous system – it’s the same thing as irregular heart rhythm caused by an external source - the phase shift adds resistance which cause a shift in heart rhythm.

When the nervous system is distorted the body doesn’t actually know what to do with frequencies not programmed by the brain. In most instances it just dumps the excess frequency to tissue which causes inflammation. Depending on the individual diet – vitamin supplement regiment – the distortion maybe applied to other things – we see this all the time with metal toxicity and mold allergies. The distortion causes a change in the chemical balance and the immune system falls apart.


I hate using the word “harmony” as a way to describe our OCXO tech because it’s a buzzword, but that is basically what we are trying to do – by cancelling out frequency from the equation we are able to eliminate timing errors on the nervous system. This is a big deal – today we are only talking about the PG, but as we apply this tech to other delivery systems like the EARTH inserts that are designed using this tech or the EUPHORIATech Ground, we are changing the way people live. The EARTH inserts and EUPHORIA PG help outside the home – the Tech Ground helps inside the home. We want people to detox from the day the moment they walk through the door – we are doing that now – but this technology allows us to do it better and faster. If done right, you’ll never need to ask us about what to do for 5G or 10G or whatever else Silicon Valley dreams up because the tech will be as simple and everyday life as turning on the TV. EUPHORIA is our version of self/home automation done right for noise cancellation.


Build time approx 8-12 days

EUPHORIA Pocket Ground




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