AM Designs (working with our partner in Japan) has developed the EMF industry’s first iron blend/Graphene-based “Mom” friendly toroidal RF/EMI filter, our EMI Cable Filter.



Our EMI Cable Filter establishes the circuit’s low pass to filter out high frequency harmonics starting at 1KHz (increased power factor correction and magnetic conductivity) and bidirectional roll-off high frequency harmonics.



Our EMI Cable Filter is designed to be used on all types of electrical power cords and cabling for the home. Our EMI Cable Filter is installed on the appliance/component’s power cable at the A/C male end; or on the circuit wiring at the panel for those with more electrical experience. Some common in-home/office installations include: computers, lamps, TV’s, electronics, refrigerator, washer/dryer, air handler, cell phone charger, etc.





Filter bandwidth: 1KHz – 27GHz (-3db)

Noise reduction: -60db peak saturation

ID: Up to ½” cable diameter



Ships within 24 hours

EMI Cable Filter (each)




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