Last year we spent a better part of the year designing MOM friendly toroidal RF/EMI filters.  Working with our partner in Japan, we developed the industry first iron blend / Graphene based cable filter. 


The EMI Cable Filter was actually developed to be used on all types of electrical power cords / cabling for the home.  Computers, lamps, TV’s, electronics, refrigerator, washer/dryer, air handler, cell phone charger, etc.


The EMI Cable Filter - installed on the circuit wiring at the panel or the appliance / component’s power cable at the A/C male end – the Cable Filter establishes the circuit’s low pass to filter out high frequency harmonics starting at 1KHz (increase power factor correction and magnetic conductivity) – bidirectional roll off high frequency harmonics. 




Filter bandwidth: 1KHz – 27GHz (-3db)

Noise reduction: -60db peak saturation

ID: Up to ½” cable diameter


Ships within 24 hours

EMI Cable Filter (each)




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