Let’s start off by saying you spoke and we listened, EARTH was designed based off the comments of our clients.  Over the years we have designed 4 series of materials to be used as Shoe Inserts, from basic to deep tissue to magnetic to ionized radiation suppression.  In each design we try to address the needs of the individual as experiencing an allergy to EMF – low level radiation sickness based on overexposure to low level ionized fields.  We first outlined the 3 levels of our EMF allergy 2 years ago on our website blog and the industry medical leaders thought we were nuts!  Since then, every industry medical leader has used our EMF analogy as they claim it for their own. 


Does it matter to us who gets the credit – a little.


Are we angry – No.


We have always operated as a company by developing product, changing the topic, and moving the game.  Moving the game should demonstrate how phony the others are that claim to be industry leaders.


How did we move the game?  Well that is where the fun begins…


The EARTH and EUPHORIA projects are all about Nano-particle design at different price points.  The use of conductive Nano-particles allows us to pack 10 times the filtration in a smaller density allowing the product to have 10 times the suppression ratio with a milder coupling to the body – it’s all about surface area/ohm resistance vs. the density of the surface area.  EARTH will be marketed as a 5G suppression product because of the top end frequency extension, but EARTH is more than that… let’s get past the buzzword of 5G and take a look at the overall picture.  5G as a tech is here to stay and will eventually advanced into 10G for the corporate world.  The trick is not to ask how do we prevent/block, but how do we live with it for future generations.  I may be a lot of things, but an eco-environmentalist is not something one would call me.  I’m a realist – I know it’s here and I know it’s advancing and my job is to figure out how to work around it.   


The EARTH Shoe Insert covers 3 types of magnetic/frequency/ionized bands with greater than -90dB of suppression across the entire frequency band – total suppression ratio is based on environmental noise levels.  Unlike past designs where we try to maximize the initial detox process as quickly as possible, with EARTH we slowed down the detox process to allow the body to absorb the negative ionization at a faster rate – we sort of flipped it on its head.  In the past the absorption rate could be anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 days, EARTH has an absorption rate of 3-15 minutes depending on the individual.


EARTH addresses everything from magnetic fields up to 100GHz and beyond.  At 100GHz we are able to provide -3dB of frequency suppression – most people read that line and laugh because they think -3dB at 100GHz is easy to achieve – it’s unheard of in this industry.  Everything in the EMF world is -40dB at 20GHz and under – no one else has offered a product with 100GHz suppression.  100GHz suppression is actually an old audio trick developed by the tweaking industry – I was one of those developers.  Instead of using physical parts that are frequency limited, we choke out frequency by creating a magnetic cut frequency using electrical impedance manipulation.  It’s a fancy way of saying we turn the body into a human choke to suppress all frequencies from magnetic up to 100GHz.  The body electrical stimulus is not strong enough to simulate a choke, so in this case we have to use the environment to simulate the negative ionization – it is a similar idea to what we do with the QB by creating a suppression in-room flywheel.  Here, we are using the environment to cancel out everything in the body but also reduce the environment surrounding the body.  To put it another way, if a 5G signal is present in the environment we use it to create a filtered frequency; but if it’s not present, the EARTH insert will focus on a different frequency range – think of it like a Smart Insert.  It will only subject the body to a cancellation frequency if a harmful frequency is present.


We are just now starting to understand all the uses the EARTH Insert can provide for individuals.  Our vision for concierge EMF allergy suppression is finally here!  We look forward to any comments to continue to improve.


NOTE:  If you do not see your shoe size listed, please Contact Us!


Recommended for use with the EARTH Pocket Ground.


Build time approx. 4-6 days.

EARTH Shoe Inserts




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