EARTH is our next generation EMF/RFI/EMI/EMR/Greenhouse Gas/5G environmental scrubber. Different environments produce different responses from EARTH.  EARTH can absorb radiation; EARTH can act as a piezoelectric filter tuned for 2nd harmonic; EARTH can convert harmful 5G into oxygen and water; EARTH can create essentials nutrients for your plants and veggies; EARTH can dissipate harmful greenhouse gases; EARTH can repel magnetic fields away from the body… EARTH is the answer for the next generation.


The question you need to ask is:  How do we address 5G in the coming months and years? 5G is a combination of magnetic, frequency, and radiation – magnetic and frequency are fairly easy to address but radiation is something else entirely. Radiation is capable of morphing into weaker or strong intensity fields depending on their local interaction.


Example: Harmless radiation blob A from your COMCAST cable box floats over to harmless radiation blob B from your ceiling fan and creates Elephant Man blob C. Blob C interacts with localized high frequency signals and the end result is sickness from a weakened immune system – maybe UV burns based on radiation frequency – maybe respiratory problems due to depleted oxygen levels – maybe cancer and eventually death.


The problem with 5G is the environmental damage and medical risk is unknown – there is discussion going on but none of us know with absolute certainty what is going to happen. The one thing we can all agree on is the 5G localized radiation field is going to be a major health risk but it is blob C that is the unknown variable in the equation. Blob C represents the unknown caused by multiple radiation monopole interactions and altered biochemical compounds.


I believe the way we address 5G is to attack the source – convert the radiation into something else to simply deny the monopole interaction. I’ve spent years developing the next generation environmental scrubber based on ionic conversion - we use the harmful radiation, frequency, and magnetic fields as fuel for our active environmental cell to create pure oxygen and hydrogen.


Did you know radiation from telecoms strip the soil of its essential nutrients? You require the nutrients for healthy fruits, veggies, and meats – I require the nutrients to design and establish a healthy home based on our grounding techniques – plus I like good eats, too. Besides growing the veggies in your own organic backyard, when was the last time you purchased a really tasty beefsteak tomato from the grocery store? Did you know plant pesticides absorb radiation? Food (ha!) for thought.


One area EARTH can be essential is the medical marijuana industry. Did you know Hemp absorbs RF and electromagnetic fields? In electronics, Hemp is considered an exotic shielding dielectric which is great if you’re using Hemp as a RFI/EMI filter, but not so great for the pot smoker who is absorbing the radiation stored in the plant cells – no different than eating food prepared in a microwave. All that wonderful medical marijuana and CBD oils are polluted with radiated plant cells. Do you remember the days of growing pot in your bedroom using a UV lamp – radiation? If we could use something like EARTH to eliminate the radiation before it’s absorbed by the plant then we just might have a real chance of defeating cancer, as the marijuana industry claims. Right now, though, medical marijuana is no different from chemotherapy treatments from a radiation standpoint – marijuana just has lower levels of radiation for people enjoy/use over a longer period of time.


How many people affected by wireless radiation are forced to remain in their homes, and how many of these people are sickly? Did you know iron in the bloodstream can flip its magnetic polarity at the drop of a hat? If the field is magnetic, the iron will have a positive electrical charge. A positive charge slows down the bloodstream and decreases oxygen levels. Depleted oxygen levels shut down the immune system. The WHO did a study on voltage and immune system shut down and discovered .3 volts over a 72 hour period is all that is needed to shut the immune system completely down. The average cellphone leaks 3-4 volts to the body… NOT .3 volts. Did you know Bluetooth connecting to your phone in the car can be as high as 30 volts when you receive or make a call? If little Sally is sitting in the passenger seat texting while you’re on the phone it can be as high as 50 volts. We run a toaster on 120 volts… think about that for a minute. Have you ever shocked yourself from a wall socket? Shockingly (ha!) the wall socket shock is safer for you than the Bluetooth signal because the wall outlet lacks the high frequency penetration. If you had EARTH in the car, it would absorb the high frequency and radiation – plus the iron in your bloodstream would be negatively charged to help repel magnetic fields.


Recommended Use:


Bedroom nightstand – absorb local EMR and converts energy to a negative ion.


Computer desk next to monitor – absorb local EMR and convert energy to a negative ion.


Behind TV set next to power cable – absorb local EMR from Class B monitors and converts energy to a negative ion.


In the car – close to radio or USB ports – reduces radiation from digital radio, Bluetooth, and internal Wi-Fi hotspot.


Family room next to main seating area – absorb local EMR and converts energy to a negative ion .


In the fridge – helps to remove radiation from raw meats, veggies, and fruit - raises ph level of water.


Outside garden – Install near vegetable plants and fruit trees – bury device 4’ under the ground for insulation – absorbs all forms of frequency and radiation before entering the plant and converts energy to a negative ion to help increase essential nutrients back to the soil.


Build time approx 8-10 days.

EARTH Quantum Breeze




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