Note: Covers full 5G spectrum. Recommended use in conjunction with our Shoe Inserts.


What is an EARTH Pocket Ground?


The EARTH Pocket Ground is a portable personal anti-radiation EMF mitigation tool that is designed for everyone!The EARTH Pocket Ground was designed to address the full 5G electromagnetic radiation frequency spectrum.The EARTH Pocket Ground is not considered a traditional grounding device because it performs multiple different tasks outside of the industry’s standard grounding marketing concept.


How does it work?


First-off the EARTH Pocket Ground is an anti-radiation grounding block. EARTH uses in-room radiation (Electromagnetic Radiation) as a power source. EMR from an electrical perspective is a thermal property. EMR is magnetic discharge that is produced from excess voltage leakage by everything plugged into your home electrical. A typical US power supply is designed to function at +/-5% of 120 volts. 120 volt is absolutely perfect electrical voltage with minimal measureable noise in the form of RF/EMI/EMR. Subtract 1 volt from 120 volt (119v or below) and RF/EMI harmonics become measureable. Add 1 volt to 120 volt (121v or more) and thermal temperature is raised because excess voltage overheats circuit parts which produce EMR leakage – EMR is basically a byproduct of a circuit driven hard or overheated. Example – Turn your TV on for 1 hour, if you place your hand next to the screen after 60-90 minutes you should feel a little heat coming off the screen – the felt heat is a form of EMR leakage. If you place your head over a warmed transformer you might smell an acidic vapor – the acidic vapor mixed with the heat is a form of EMR leakage. Exposure to EMR overtime slowly lowers the body’s ph level to be more acidic. 


As an anti-radiation grounding block, EARTH absorbs nearby EMR and attaches a negative electron – adding the negative electron physically converts the EMR (which is mostly a positive ion) to a friendlier ionic reaction that can be absorbed by the water molecule. Lucky for us water is part hydrogen and oxygen – when we attach a negative electron to the absorbed EMR, the output will be seen as negative ion that is quickly converted to oxygen or hydrogen based on the in-room humidity level. When we attach a negative electron to the absorbed EMR, the output from the EARTH Pocket Ground will always be measured as an alkaline ph vs. an acidic ph – that simple concept allows the device to have multiple different uses. For example, placing a liter of bottled water on top of the EARTH Pocket Ground for 30 minutes will raise the ph level and alter the water property making it healthier to drink – this example demonstrates how we take something that is harmful like electromagnetic radiation and turn it into a healthy alternative.


What else can it do?


A negative ion or negative electron can be a very powerful tool if provided the right application. When we talk about negative ion people automatically think of air cleaners. An air cleaner works by using a simple device called a negative ion generator. A negative ion generator produces negative ions in theory by producing a static electrical field – the problem with trying to produce negative ions from a man-made electrical source (60Hz/120v) is that the output is Trioxygen which is better known as ozone – ozone gas is not healthy for people that suffer from respiratory issues. The grounding block inside the EARTH Pocket Ground does not use a static field to produce the negative electron – our design is a conductive mineral based unit using a combination of 17 different natural elements.


With that said, the EARTH Pocket Ground will organically interact with the body when placed in direct contact. Negative electrons act as a pulse field – if placed on top of a bruise the field would break the bruise up to allow the body to quickly absorb and repair itself within hours vs. days to weeks. If placed on top of a cut, the EARTH Pocket Ground would help to stimulate proteins within the direct contact area to stimulate collagen – medical professionals have told us a 1” incision requires 14 days for the skin to completely heal, but the same medical professionals have reported skin heals within 6-8 days when an EARTH Pocket Ground is placed directly over top of the incision site. The same could be said for mosquito bites or minor burns, except the healing process takes 15-30 minutes instead of days.As many know, the other side of our business develops product for the pro audio industry – so I’m well versed in harmonic manipulation.   


With that said, the EARTH Pocket Ground also acts as a piezoelectric filter tuned for 2nd harmonic; in electrical 2nd harmonic is 120 Hz – it is much easier to filter out analog frequencies compared to high frequency digital (5G). A piezoelectric filter uses what we call in the industry sympathetic resonance – Sympathetic resonance can do one of a few things to manipulate a frequency. It can simply slow a frequency down by adding dampening properties; it can add an out-of-phase harmonic frequency to the noise source as a way to cross cancel out; or it can become the dominate frequency depending on the applied application. In direct contact it becomes the dominate frequency – all noise (which is vibrational) is converted to the output frequency of the EARTH Pocket Ground. If noise is environmental and passing through the device as it’s absorbed, some frequencies will be slowed down and others will be cancelled out. In order to create a negative ionic field, magnetic frequencies have to be regulated using a constant variable and higher frequency oscillations must be suppressed. If done right, the output field will have a high concentration of a negative ionic output that will magnify the levels overtime.


How does the EARTH Pocket ground repel magnetic fields absorbed by the body?


To be honest, this is really not a complicated subject to understand. Magnetic fields are all polarized. The body functions via magnetic gateways with a negative polarity signature. When a man-made magnetic field is applied, close proximity magnetic gateway polarities will becomes positive simply because the man-made field is stronger. When an EARTH Pocket Ground is directly applied to the body, the positive field is absorbed by the EARTH’s grounding block, but the output of the EARTH grounding block supports the negative polarity of the magnetic gateway – even-though EARTH becomes the dominate magnetic polarity because of the conductive value of the device, it allows the body to function as intended – the end result is a dramatic increase in oxygen levels to help support brain, heart, and lung function.  A simple analogy to help understand the process is to look at iron – when iron is within close proximity to a positive magnetic polarity it becomes positive - A positive and a positive act like 2 kitchen magnets pulling toward each other, but if you flip the polarity of just one of the magnets the field will push away. Because the EARTH Pocket Ground becomes dominate conductive polarity, iron will always have a negative magnetic polarity to repel the field before it is absorbed by the body.


Build time appox 8-10 days

EARTH Pocket Ground




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