EARTH represents Alan Maher Designs ground plane technology at its finest. The EARTH Outlet Cover is our latest power conditioning technology specifically designed to reduce circuit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and extreme low magnetic fields (ELF) in a home. We developed a 4 stage low frequency / magnetic ground filter to address all types of circuit frequency noise up through low band 5G.


*NOTE: The FCC has recently opened up frequency up to 3THz for the new 6G wireless technology – this will require a multi-stage compounded approach to protect a home.


The concept of the EARTH Outlet Cover was developed over a 4 year period. During that timeframe we developed multiple types of conductive materials and liquids to enhance our concept of a Conductive Energy Field. In the Outlet Cover design we used a combination blend of our CEF coatings with Graphene; the combination of the 4 coatings created the world’s first self-grounding / noise suppressing / ionic cancellation power conditioning Outlet and Switch Plates up to low band 5G.


Normally at this point in our write-up we would show comparison outlet cover stats between our design and brand-X, but outlet covers are not typically developed to reduce RFI / EMI noise. The closest thing we can compare to is a RFI / EMI noise filter. Corcom is a very popular and well respected filter manufacturer that is used in a variety of power conditioning, audio, video, computer, and medical applications. Corcom models filter noise between 10KHz and 30MHz with a RFI / EMI suppression of -40dB and -60dB at max saturation peaks across a majority of its frequency range (no filter design can provide 100% of noise reduction across every frequency). Our Outlet Covers do things a little different; each applied CEF coating is designed to provide a significant reduction in RFI / EMI frequencies and to suppress low frequency electromagnetic fields.


CEF Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Interference Suppression:


Ground surface resistance: .018 ohms per square centimeter


>10Hz-100KHz: 84dB to 89dB
>100KHz to 1MHz: 73dB to 89dB
>1MHz to 2GHz: 85dB to 100dB
>2GHz to 10GHz: 95dB to 83dB
>10GHz to 18GHz: 80dB to 70dB
>18GHz to 25GHz: 68dB to 43dB
>25GHz to 50GHz: 40dB to 18dB


NOTE: All frequencies below 1MHz are magnetic and radiation. 50% of frequency above 1MHz is radio frequency, the other 50% are odd harmonics oscillations created by radio frequency – known as electromagnetic interference.


How do they work?


Out-of-the-box the EARTH Outlet Cover will require 225-250 hours for a complete break-in. When CEF is applied to a circuit, all appliances and electronics installed throughout the circuit will be conditioned to our noise specifications. No other product that we are aware of can deliver this level of power conditioning.


Alan Maher Designs turns a standard outlet cover into a true, non-limiting power conditioner. Our Outlet Cover reduces Extreme Low Magnetic Fields (ELF), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and negative radiation cancellation. Our design attaches a small negative ionic charge to the electrical positive ionic energy field passing through the in-wall circuit. By regulating the temperature and manipulating the frequency suppression, we are able to produce a one-for-one ionic cancellation. In electrical design, harmonics, radio frequency, and static noise are all combinations of a positive ionization field associated with electromagnetic radiation. By cancelling the field, we can significantly lower EMR’s effect on the circuit and all electronics plugged in to the circuit.


NOTE: If you require a configuration that is not listed, Contact Us! for special order.


Recommended for use with PLT EMI Wrap and "Dirty Electricity" Destroyers.


Build time approx 6-8 days.

EARTH Outlet Cover




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