Our “Dirty Electricity” Destroyer (DED) is an EMF Power Factor Correction (PFC) Filter. Each filter provides a minimum of 83%-87% Power Factor Correction to a circuit to reduce and eliminate RF/EMI (“dirty electricity”). Our “Dirty Electricity” Destroyer is a six node suppression design (compared to other EMF industry “DE” filters with a single node suppression design). What does a six node design mean? Typically a noise filter in the EMF industry offers a “DE” filter with a single node suppression design. Nodes are based on frequency range – a single node suppression design can only handle a very narrow frequency band. A little background information about node suppression. Node suppression is based on: filter part oscillation frequency versus circuit AWG oscillation versus circuit frequency versus load demand. The EMF industry uses terminology like “DE” (“dirty electricity”) to confuse the consumer into thinking their product actually did something worthwhile. A single node bypass filter is what we find in cheap electronics (around $35) which are only designed to last a day or two after the 30 day limited warranty runs out – it is basically a throw away that is consider a toy and a toy doesn’t solve problems. When you start moving upscale to the $1000 electronics price range you’ll find a dual bypass design – two (2) filter nodes working in tandem to extend the frequency range. At the $5000 electronics price range you’ll find a quad-bypass design (four (4) filter nodes) – a quad design adds additional extension but also doubles down on the suppression specs compared to a dual bypass design. In the $7500-$10,000 electronics price range you’ll find a six (6) node bypass design. Unlike the cheaper versions, the six node design is able to act as a clean power source for the electronics. It does the same exact thing when used as a parallel PFC “DE” filter on the circuit – it stiffens the power enough to eliminate harmonics using six different frequency cancellations up to the max of the circuit. Our “Dirty Electricity” Destroyer delivers! What does that mean? EMF industry “dirty electricity” scams try to promote endless “DE” problems on each circuit – the harmonic max value of the circuit is based on the thickness (AWG or gauge) of the wire. 10 AWG wiring will experience less harmonics compared to 12 AWG – 12 AWG will have less compared to 14 AWG – and so on. The thickness of the wire regulates the oscillations of the electrical delivery – which means thicker wire has a slower vibrational pattern and slow produces more inductance, fast produces more capacitance. Therefore, the question should be: in a single node design, how do you know the exact frequency range to filter in every home? The EMF industry uses smoke and mirrors and misdirection to change the subject from PFC to the evil “dirty electricity” villain. If you ask an electrical engineer (versus an “EMF Expert”), they’ll measure the circuit and take into consideration everything listed above to actually give you the exact node value for your installation – and 9 times out of 10 the value needed isn’t anything close to what you’ll find in your typical EMF industry single node “DE” filter. Our “Dirty Electricity” Destroyer is based on electrical engineering science, not smoke and mirrors. The beautiful thing about a six node design is that it covers each one of the frequency ranges for a typical 10ga-14ga in-wall home/office installation – allowing for a more “plug and play” friendly consumer installation. Everything we do in electrical is based on power factor correction – if the circuit PFC is 80% the circuit is considered to be noise-free (anything over 80% is a bonus). Over 80% the circuit begins to produce its own energy and helps to lower your overall energy costs. Recommended Installation: Install one to two “Dirty Electricity” Destroyer per problematic circuit. Build time approx. 6-8 days

"Dirty Electricity" Destroyer (DED)

  • DO NOT touch metal prongs immediately after removal from wall outlet.  Unit may hold a residual charge resulting in a mild shock.