EMI Wrap 3.0

Highly recommended for Autistic, ADD/ADHD. and PTSD homes to reduce electromagnetic stress on the nervous system.

The EMI Wrap 3.0 is considered our high-end reference power Wrap for improved power factor correction, electrical noise reduction, and a significant improvement in both audio/video quality. The 3.0 delivers an additional 30% of noise reduction over a wider bandwidth compared to our 2.0 model (available at www.alanmaherdesigns.net).

Installation: Super simple – install outside at the electrical meter in a matter of seconds. Insulate with all-weather rubberized tape (we supply all-weather tape with each order to insulate the installation).


Recommended Use: It is strongly recommended for anyone that suffers from EMI or Wi-Fi sensitivity (Wi-Fi signals magnify within EMF positive ions – The EMI Wrap 3.0 deionizes the incoming electrical). Additionally, The 3.0 is a significant upgrade for all audio/video enthusiasts (a dramatic improvement in audio tonal balance, spatial information and video color saturation, definition and 2D depth dimension).


“Loving the new EMI 3.0 Wrap - performance is amazing for music and health. Also love the way the Wrap is now weather proofed and can be unwrapped and moved easily.” - Peter Michael Sullivan


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