EMF Absorbing Outlet/Switch Pad

The EMF Absorbing Pad was primarily developed for people diagnosed with EMF sensitivity but the noise specifications make it perfect for all different types of applications.

What is EMF?


Answer: Wasted electricity.


EMF radiated fields are responsible for wasting 30-45% of your monthly electrical usage that you pay for every month. We have developed a very simple method to absorb and reflect wasted energy back to the circuit for improve energy on demand. The AM Designs EMF Absorbing Pad is the answer to solving a majority of your everyday electrical problems.


The EMF Absorbing Pad improves outlet conductivity for additional energy; the EMF Absorbing Pad self-generates electricity (up to 20%) from existing electrical fields in close proximity – improved power factor correction.


The EMF Absorbing Pad reflects stray EMF energy back to the circuit; up to 85% of stray energy can be redirected back to the circuit to improve energy on demand.


The EMF Absorbing Pad can be used to filter odd harmonics on the circuit and act as a passive power conditioner; Typical noise suppression for a single application is 75-80% at a minimum of -90db (-135db at peak saturation frequencies; below 50/60Hz – 35 GHz).


The EMF Absorbing Pad can also be used as an air seal for additional energy savings on exterior walls.


Applications: All types of appliances, audio/video electronics, computers, power tools, medical imagining equipment, external/outdoor outlets, etc.


Installation: Unscrew and remove outlet cover.  Install EMF Absorbing Pad black side inward toward the duplex outlet or switch (white side facing out toward outlet cover).  Press to fit.  Reinstall outlet cover.


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